Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Random] YCS Turin & Banlist stuff

So, I was at YCS Turin as judge. I always liked being judge, as I can provide my knowledge to players, to asure they can play their card game on a fair and even base. I of course am eager to meet some old judge friends again! Sometimes you have to decide in hard decisions who you believe in their story, based on the most logical factors. Sometimes players will not believe a word you say, doesn't matter how confident you show off your rulings knowledge and then you have to get your beloved head judge for their word.

It was a really smooth event where I did my work as deck check team lead. It was the first time team lead and all and it was one hell of a nice experience to have. I will like to do it again in the future. :3

With the new policies, where I can't blame people for their cards if bend directly from the pack, I had no choice but to look at every bend card and decide if the card comes that way from the pack or not (it is a good thing to be an actual collector and to know how which cards come from the pack ^^''). Other than that it went very smoothly with my team and I was very happy to work with them!

After work, I am always eager to open my judge compensation packs, and look what Santa Konami got for me in my Portuguese packs (I take Portuguese to have "special" cards in my country where I am able to get all the languages except for Portugues :3):

Sombra Vampiro - His type is Zumbi like Zumba. Concidence? I think not!
In the background of course is the Artorigus mat from YCS Turin! But thats all for YCS Turin let's continue with the banlist discussion!

We will update our Banlist section as soon as DN decides to update theirs (I just like that (/), (1) and (2) on my lists and I'm to lazy to do it myself).

I start of course with the newly banned and end with the newly unlimited (what a surprise!):

New Forbidden

Dragon Ravine - As surprising as it is, it had it coming. It is the first time, a field spell was banned. Dragon Rulers abused the hell out of this field spell card, even using Ancient Fairy Dragon to replace it so they can abuse it even more. Hell, this is the reason why Dragon Rulers got so consistent again. It is a sad day of course for all those Dragunity players out there, but that's what happens when another decks abuses your cards (I look at you, Ice Barrier).

Return from the Different Dimension & Sixth Sense - Ok. Let's get one point straight. These cards are so broken within the current meta, players actually sided these cards out for Game 2 and 3 to not win out of the blue due to these cards. If you activated any of these two cards, you practically won that game. If these reasons aren't enought for these cards to be banned, then what else would?

Self-Destruct Button - This was a surprise hit. Tbh, this card never did any good to this game. I played it some time myself, and I only caused rage, even thought I only used it as a Self-Destruct Button in my Final Countdown deck.

New Limited

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos & Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders & Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms & Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls - I played Dragon Rulers myself, and I have to say, a Dragon Ruler mirror match (with sided out Return from the Different Dimension and Sixth Sense of course) was very skillful for all the plays you had to do and was able to do, similar to Goat Control Format. I would of course be flamed for something like this, but this is my opinion. They were degenerate for the format, you either played Dragon Ruler or played all the hate against Dragon Rulers together with a playable archtype. So outside of the Dragon Ruler mirror match, the deck was killing everything on their way. Limiting them allows them to be attribute support, like they should've been. Except if someone abuses them again with Dragon Shrine or something. Who ever does that, your mother doesn't make very good chocolate cookies *waves fist*.

Debris Dragon - This little guy was used for all the different kind of Synchro Summon. I mean, it perfectly fit in together with cards like Trigon to make those Level 7 Synchro Summons. The hit was probably a bit harsh, as Ravine was away, but seeing Lonefire going up, it is probably better playing safe for now.

Magician of Faith - Tea (pronounced like good 'ol Ice Tea) Gardner is back from the dead! It could've gone up with the last list, as for me, cards like Heavy Storm and Monster Reborn were the ones that hold her back from being played again. This card can go back to unlimited again, as long as nobody finds a way to abuse her or Prophecy rise again.

Divine Wind of Mist Valley - Harpie Dancer, little nasty Harpie Dancer, what do you think you are? Killing off Mist Valley out of the blue because you wanted to exist. It's always the same with you.

Final Countdown - Slowly killing of instant wins? It seems Konami doesn't like what was created in the past. Even thought I agree it isn't fun to play against such a deck and it gets even more horrible during tag duel (which is promoted right now) where its effect is done in 5 rounds.

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars - A generic drawer that gives Dragons even moar stuff to abuse with? No thanks. Even thought this card is crap without the Dragons, it is a treat as long as Dragons exist. Tbh, I'd kill of Dragons in one instant and free all the cards that got abused along the way.

Spellbook of Fate - Oh boy. I remember a guy from Konami telling me he thinks "this is the single-most powerful spell card ever created". In combination with the return of Magician of Faith, this was a logical hit. Maybe this will stop Prophecy from being too good during the next format.

New Semi-Limited

Chaos Sorcerer - A list without this card moving is no real list (this is the tenth time moving until now, gratulation to Chaos Sorcerer!). It was limited again because of the possibility of this card being abused with Constellar Ptolemy M7. Which didn't hold true during the last format, hence both moving up again.

Lonefire Blossom - Sylvan support, do I really have to tell anything else? (Expect Astral Pack 4 Ultimate Rare)

New Unlimited

Archlord Kristya - Isn't going to hurt anyone, so why not?

Mezuki & Plaguespreader Zombie - Vampire support. It's kinda a try for Konami.

T.G. Striker - Woot full power T.G. Agent again!

Tour Guide From the Underworld - My beutiful one. Maybe Chaos format again!!

Constellar Ptolemy M7 - I have no idea why this is moved up. It was the reason for the Gishki FTK still being viable. But whatever, if Konami wishes to see the FTK again, it's their fault if it happens.

Fire Formation - Tenki - Yes. This is beautiful. Bujin and Fire Fist rejoice!

So all in all, I really like this list. I hope Konami continues by making good lists like this

So that's all for this week. Wooooooooooooot. Unz unz unz unz unz. Drop the beat. Whooop whooop whooooop screeeeeeeeee whoop whoooooop whoooooop screeeeee.

~~Lord Bunilla


  1. >Archlord Kristya - Isn't going to hurt anyone, so why not?
    Ugh. Hope you have some traps ready.

    Anyway with this new, improved format, you should be able to come up with more ideas.

    1. Hahaha...yeah, no, I'm not running out of ideas, that's Kimika for you.^^''

      I really like the new format so far, I can play way more now. :3