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[Deck Profile] Post-Halloween Month Special #4 Vampires!!

Yeah, kinda late. :3

Now, I'm pretty sure you people haven't seen that much Vampire builds on the web, and I have to say I haven't tested it yet, but it does look fun, of course as a casual deck.

Boooooohoooooo~~ sooooo scaaaaryyyyyy!!
(Note: I was so unsure about how to build it, I changed it while writing this article three times.)

Monster (20):
3 Shadow Vampire
3 Vampire Duke
3 Zombie Master
3 Vampire Sorcerer
3 Goblin Zombie
2 Mezuki
2 Plaguespreader Zombie
1 Vampire Lord

Spells (13):
3 Vampire Kingdom
3 Forbidden Lance
3 Book of Life
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Burial from a Different Dimension
1 Foolish Burial

Traps (7):
2 Vampire Takeover
2 Trap Stun
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Sixth Sense
1 Return from the Different Dimension

Extradeck (15):
2 Crimson Knight Vampire Bram
1 Shark Fortress
1 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Number 666: Master Key Beetle
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Lavalval Chain
2 Revived King Ha Des
1 Ally of Justice Catastor

Halloween is over, so while you munch your last candies, I am have already planned your future deck, which is of course the only cool thing ever: NON-SPARKLING VAMPIRES!! 

(Except for Shadow Vampire and the original Vampire Lord from DCR, but they sparkle because they are faboulous! I am aware that almost halve of all Vampires in this deck sparkle, now let my Twilight bashing be OK??!)

Shadow Vampire is an awesome addition to the theme, as he acts like a tribute summonable Tour Guide From the Underworld. He is your tour guide during the crimson moon. Or blood moon as you might call it. When he is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon a DARK Vampire from your deck or hand, except for himself (so no Vampire Koala and no Vampire Orchis [NOOOOOOOOOOO!!]). So you summon Vampire Duke or Vampire Lord with him for an instant Crimson Knight Vampire Bram which is awesome enought. But be aware: You can only attack during that turn with the monster you summoned with Shadow Vampire, so attack first with it and then Xyz Summon Bram.

Vampire Duke was added as a World Premiere card to the TCG set and has it's benefits over good ol' Vampire Lord. Vampire Duke acts as a Crane Crane when Normal Summoned by summoning a DARK Vampire from your Graveyard. So they can summon each others. But it will normaly be Special Summoned by Shadow Vampire, and that is where its second effects kicks in. When he is Special Summoned, you can  declare Monster, Spell or Trap and then your opponent has to send one of those from their deck to their Graveyard. That allows combos with Vampire Kingdom!

Vampire Lord is mainly used as another target for Shadow Vampire and because he is so awesome!! (On an unrelated note: If he is destroyed by a card effect, he will return during your next Standby Phase. :3)

But wait, aren't they all LV5? Yes, and that's where Vampire Sorcerer and Zombie as theme fits.

Let's start with Vampire Sorcerer. First of all, if he is destroyed either by effect or battle, you can search your deck for a Vampire card (so Monster and Spell/Trap!), which adds in consistency in searching your needed Vampire cards. The only thing about this card is, he is not searchable by Goblin Zombie, so in most cases you'd want to search for another Vampire Sorcerer if you already have Shadow Vampire in hand.

The second effect is which helps this theme A LOT. You can banish him and during this turn you can summon a Vampire without offering tribute. A small effect which basically lets this whole theme function.
So turn 1, set him, go. Gets destroyed, search Shadow Vampire, next turn, banish Vampire Sorcerer, summon Shadow Vampire, summon Duke, summon Bram. As easy as this.

The rest of the zombie theme is rather easily understood. You use it for consistency and make some other more flexible plays.

Vampire Kingdom is such an awesome card. You play it, your Vampires and the rest of your Zombie horde get +500 ATK and if your opponent sends cards from their deck directly to the Graveyard, you can send a Vampire from your hand or deck to the Graveyard to destroy a card on the field. This in its whole is so freaking awesome. :3

Lance is used to protect your Vampires from such painful cards like Bottomless Trap Hole.

Book of Life is your triple Monster Reborn in this deck.

Return from a Different Dimension is used to get back your Vampire Sorcerer and Mezuki and sometimes Plaguespreader Zombie!

Vampire Takeover is a very unique card and has so much flexible uses. You can activate it as a chain to the effect use of Dragon Ravine, so you activate Vampire Kingdom before Ravine resolves, Ravine is destroyed and is unable to resolve its effect! You can also use it during your turn to summon your much needed Vampire from your Graveyard for a Tribute Summon or an Xyz Summon! Or you use it when your opponent attacks your Vampire with an attack below 500 ATK more than your Vampire's, then you either summon a Vampire Sorcerer and let your opponent attack it, summon a Vampire Duke to let your opponent send a selected type of card from their deck to the Graveyard, so your Vampire Kingdom activates and destroys the attacking monster or you summon nothing at all and let your opponent run into your Vampire with now more ATK than the attacking monster. Long sentence, wooooooo~~

Sixth Sense is...Sixth Sense. Use it or die. Pretty much. For casuals: Play a Raigeki Break.

Vampire Bram is your go to Xyz Summon, but we also have Shark Fortress (as you can only summon DARK Xyz Monster with Shadow Vampire and Vampire Duke) for massiv damage!!

And this is the end of the Halloween Special. Scary, eh? :3

Lord Bunilla~~

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  1. It works surprisingly good....Well,I won of a fabled deck with these vampires