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[Deck Profile] Halloween Month Special #1 Black Cat

Hello and welcome to the scary Halloween Special of Trolldecking! (*Monster Laughter*) Now since everyone else is doing it over the web, so will we; this will be the month where we publish Halloween Themed Decks, whether it is witches, mummies, werewolves or vampires, the Belmont family won't get their rest!

(Great!... just great!!!... Thanks for killing my peaceful days Trolldecking!)

Now for warm-up let's be nice with Mr. Belmont and start with something less creepy. Let's start with the witch's favorite familiar, the black cat, that's right, this week we'll be featuring our X's version of the Catlock deck; please enjoy! 



3x Key Mouse
3x Lock Cat
1x Kinka-Byo
3x The Fabled Catsith
2x Uniflora, Magical Beast of the Forest

1x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Call of the Haunted
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Horn of the Phantom Beast
3x Karma Cut
3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
2x Mirror Force
3x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
2x Raigeki Break
3x Reckless Greed
1x Solemn Warning

Extra Deck:

3x The Fabled Unicore
3x Thunder Unicorn
3x Voltic Bicorn
3x Lightning Tricorn
3x The Fabled Kudabbi

Okay first off, this isn't a new deck, so I'm pretty sure that most people know how this deck works already, but since most doesn't mean everyone, here's a short description of it.

This whole deck revolves around The Fabled Unicore's effect, which basically negates your opponent's cards as long your hand size is the same as your opponent's.

In other words, this whole deck focuses on hand size. Naturally it is easier to have control over your hand size than your opponent's and thus, this deck is one of the few out there, in which you just love to discard cards out of your own hand (the others being Dark World and Infernity).

Now obviously with that being said, the first challenge comes with bringing Unicore into play, here's a rough list of combos of how it is done:

[The Fabled Catsith] + [Lock Cat] = [The Fabled Unicore]

Okay I'll be straight on this one, Fabled Catsigh + Lock Cat is probably the only way to do this properly. It is just as pathetic as it sounds, but fear not, this deck has some tricks up its sleeves to make this special mating between those two kittens happen.

Lock Cat itself:

Now Lock Cat itself has a pretty neat effect of special summoning a level 1 beast monster from your graveyard if it's being normal summoned. In short, as long Catsith is in the graveyard, summoning Lock Cat means instantly a Unicore. Now I don't know how this Meta format currently runs, so, siding a couple of Trap Stuns might be a smart idea to make sure this thing is going to work.

Key Mouse:

This little fella is going to let you search for Catsith or Lock Cat when it is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, this will come in handy since there's no other way else to search for them.

Trap Cards or Morphing Jar with Catsith:

Another issue of the matter is to get Catsith into the graveyard in order to let Lock Cat do it's job properly. For that reason, this deck is filled with appropriate trap cards which allows the player to discard cards from his/her hand in order to trigger an effect. Note that this version does not contain any Dealings with The Dark World, the reason for that is still the current Meta format, which seems to be inappropriate to help your opponent with drawing new cards and at the same time filling up their graveyards. Since this deck is not a early game focused deck, this is a risk I personally wouldn't be prepared to take, of course, if I happened to be wrong, feel free to test it out anyways, it can't hurt to find a way to improve our deck suggestions for your own interests after all.

What comes after Unicore:

Well that's rather a simple question to answer. Once Unicore is on the field, make sure to maintain the same hand size as your opponent. Make sure to have trap cards set up in order to keep the hand size equal is a necessity. 

Trap cards such as Horn of the Phantom Beast and Reckless greed helps the player to keep up with the game, in case the opposing player manages to increase his/her hand size, these 2 cards will fix the situation.

New additions to the family:

Now since the highlight time this deck shined most, many cards have been banned, unbanned and banned again. Obviously there had been a specific card(s) which triggered my mind of giving it a reboot, and yes there is indeed, that specific card is a level 1 beast named Uniflora Magical Beast of the Forest:

This little fella will be your new best friend regarding any mono-beast deck, which is basically a Dragunity Darkspear for Beasts. Given that, if there was a way to recycle it, this deck would have an infinite monster reborn in it, kind of scary, no?

Well you know what? There IS a way to use it infinitely! And the scary part is, the card used for it benefits this deck! What might it be? well my friends what else could it be, let me present you another old friend, cat and level 1 beast monster, Kinka-Byo!

Kinka-Byo is a strong addition to this deck, for one, it can be searched out by Key Mouse. Kinka-Byo itself can bring back Catsith and Uniflora from the graveyard, which allows the player to progress with the field setup. As a bonus, it can be combined with the Trap Card; Legacy of Yata-Garasu!

So as you can see, the reincarnation of the Catlock Deck might be hard to use, but it has definitely grown in flexibility. It might not be the power house deck you've been looking for, but it is definitely worth your time to give it a try. It is a rather cheap deck, and really fun to play. It can be modified with various cards which then affects the play style of it (some suggestions visible in the DN Side-Deck slots).

Come back next week for another look into our Halloween Special Part 2 as Dracula never rests and Simon Belmont and friends have to prepare themselves for the big showdown to free us once more from the dark lord.

- Kamishima Kimika

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