Friday, September 13, 2013

[Fundeck] "Chop Suey"

- Herro welcome to shitty wok, can I have yourl orldel please?

- Yes hi there, I would like to have one lunch menu set with Chop Suey please.

- Arrr tellific choice, just one moment please!

And with that said, let me welcome you back once more to Trolldecking, this time with a come back of Naturia, our adorable little vegetables with the creepy eyes. 

Now since we've already had a Naturia Stun deck on this website way back in 2011 and to be honest, nothing much would be changed anyways from the last build (with the only difference of swapping out some banned cards with some newer cards, gawd honestly guys, that's one of the most boring things people could ever ask The Lord and me do) I've decided to reconstruct the variation of Naturia Deck that I was playing (not the Lords approach this one has not yet been posted over here) back in the old days and updated it by removing a major part of its "engine" and instead replaced it with another one. So okay without anymore delays let's head over to this week's fun deck Chop Suey!

 (Ready for some wok fried veggies? Hehe I promise you that this is good stuff!)


3x Botanical Girl
3x Cactus Bouncer
3x Naturia Bamboo Shoot
3x Naturia Cherries
3x Naturia Eggplant
3x Naturia Marron
1x Naturia Pineapple

2x Black Garden
1x Dark Hole
1x Foolish Burial
3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Dimensional Prison
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Pollinosis
1x Seven Tool of the Bandit
1x Solemn Warning
2x Wall of Thorns

2x Black Rose Dragon
2x Naturia Barkion
3x Naturia Beast
3x Queen of Thorns
1x Splendid Rose
2x Fairy King Albverdich
2x Melia the Ashwood Nymph 

Now okay okay first off, this deck has not been tested on competitive levels as if yet, last time a variation of this deck was tested the Meta was mainly filled with T.G. and friends aka, this deck was originally designed to be an Anti - Anti Deck.

However due to the usage of Black Rose Garden and Cactus Bouncer it also crippled a lot of Special Summon focused decks back in the days and with the right hand, this deck still manages to mess up with a lot of your opponent's moves, trust me on that.

Now to make this really easy, here's the cards you do want on the field in order to achieve a lock-down against most players:

[Cactus Bouncer + Naturia Bamboo Shoot + Black Garden + Backrow Spell/Traps]

In order to lock up your opponent, the above stated situation is your primary goal on the field set-up. having that set-up, your deck will be prepared for the following kind of threats:

- Protected against Special Summons
- Protected against Strong Monsters (if set-up was done in the right order, then up to monsters with the base attack of 3500)
- Protected against Spells and Traps

Now that sounds all high and mighty at first glance, but setting a field up like that, is usually not an easy task at all, that for, let's have a look at the possible ways to build up that field with the given cards in the deck.

The first thing you want is to secure your field which requires a good hand. The best thing which can happen to you (the player) is to have a Bamboo Shoot, a Cactus Bouncer, a Naturia Pineapple/Cherries and three defensive trap cards in your hand. It should come as no surprise that this deck lacks the average attack power and that for relies on a strong and solid back row instead.

It is obvious that such a hand won't occur all the time, so the question is what to do, whenever that isn't the case.

For once, having searcher cards in a deck helps, it has always been one of the factors to distinguish 1st rate decks and 2nd rate decks. Since plants lack such a spell card, this deck instead relies on a monster called Botanical Girl. This card allows a player to search out a plant monster as long its defense points are low enough which in this deck, would be every other monster card except bamboo shoot.

Naturia Marron is another card which allows the player to prepare his deck and also allows recycling.

Naturia Eggplant can return any Naturia Monster from graveyard back to hand when it is sent to the graveyard. This will be mainly used to recycle Naturia Bamboo Shoot.

Due to the many possibilities of recycling cards, searching cards and disabling opponent's cards, this deck amazingly manages to stall the game, people will hesitate in attacking due to the back row presence, and Cactus Bounder will slow down many decks.

Now without doubt a deck focusing that much on control will have its own weaknesses. Let me try to bring up a few which crosses my mind.

Low stats:
It is undeniable that Naturia Decks suffer from the lack of attack. It is not a new thing, frankly speaking, every player who had experiences with Naturia Decks can tell you pretty much the same thing, so to keep it simple, the best way to get rid of a Naturia Deck is attack power.

Back row:
This is pretty much the follow-up from the last point. Because Naturia Decks lack the attack power, it's spell/trap pool becomes really essential for survival. The lack of spell/traps will mark its demise.

Combo relying:
This deck heavily relies on combos in order to bring out the right set-up for victory.  If this deck doesn't manage to lock its opponent down, it loses, simply as that.

Relying on counter:
It's a trap relying deck. So sometimes the best strategy against them is simply not to act. Not attacking and not summoning means this deck can't react and thus, cannot progress. Having this knowledge from both sides brings the game to a whole new level. Since no one is willing to make the next move, all comes down to conserving cards until a big strike can be made.

Stall decks/Control decks:
It's quite known that the biggest threat against a control deck is another control deck. No side will manage to progress and each side will burn their traps until one side stands victorious, this is can turn into a real pain in the ass and stretch the game.

Psycho Shocker aka Jinzo:
Nothing else to say; GG, next game.

Now that's quite a long list we have here; but fear not, there's always a solution out of it. Here's a little thing I did with the side deck:

(Oooh it's rose season let's re-seed the garden <3 <3 <3)

I've swapped out some cards and the deck suddenly changed from a control deck into a beat down deck, quite handy don't you think?

- Getting Gigaplant/Naturia Bamboo Shoot/Tytannial onto the field, then continue the control game like usual. Black Garden gets a new role now, instead of just halving the attacks of monsters. It becomes a foundation for tribute materials for Gigaplant and Tytannial.

- Gigaplant resupplies the field with plant monsters.

- Tytannial fizzles target effects.

- Bamboo Shoot disables the usage of spells and traps.

There are other possible combinations with the side deck, like Naturia Marron, Cherries, Cliff and Gigaplant. The idea of this combination is a strong recycle deck with help of shuffling back Cherries and Cliffs back to the deck, resupplying the deck and field with monsters while remaining field presence.

Use your own creativity and figure out how to cultivate your personal garden, all I do here is presenting you the pool and tools ;) surprise us with what you have come up with!

- Kamishima Kimika

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