Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Deck Profile] A Prophecy Forgotten

In the early days of the new September List, I asked myself what I will do with my Spellbooks (I adored Judgment for being the most overpowered card I've ever seen) as I didn't want them to be some crippled tech deck that threw away all prophecies like during the days of Judgment.

This is why I decided to make them my fun deck. I wanted it to work with Spellbooks like Heliosphere and Crescent (which is played anyway in newer Spellbook decks) and for that I needed it to look like "Put-everything-that-has-a-use-into-this".dek.


Monster (10):
2 High Priestess of Prophecy
3 Temperance of Prophecy
3 Spellbook-Magician of Prophecy
1 World of Prophecy
1 Justice of Prophecy

Spells (30):
3 Spellbook Library of Heliosphere
3 Spellbook of Secrets
3 Spellbook of Power
3 Spellbook Library of Crescent
3 Spellbook of Masters
3 Spellbook of Fate
3 Spellbook of Wisdom
3 Spellbook Star Hall
2 The Grand Spellbook Tower
2 Spellbook of Life
2 Spellbook of Eternity

Extra Deck (15):
15x Generic Extra Deck cards for R2/3/7

The monsters are pretty standard to my experience.

Two Priestess so she doesn't become to Death Draw to often, as you rather have a Temperance or Spellbook Magician on your hand. If you have her with a Temperance or similar in your hand, you can use her if you need her according to the situation.

With Temperance, the first thing you want to do is to summon World of Prophecy. You really do not want have it on your hand at any time. You can also summon Priestess if you need her rather then a field destruction.

Spellbook Magician can be searched by Secrets (and Secrets by Crescent, Power and Justice), so you have a high chance to have a Spellcaster on your hand.

World of Prophecy can be used in serveral ways, as a Black Rose to destroy the field, as a beat stick for Power and as a +2 directly from the Graveyard, all at the same time.

Justice is a card you don't want to use very often, as you have an open field after her effect (no use of Fate). As I am not using non-Spellbook cards, I also have no defence cards like Waboku.

It is fun to use Heliosphere in this deck as I use SO many Spellbooks. You +1 pretty much everytime you use it and we can copy it with Masters. If you need a special Spellbook you can still use Masters on Power or Secrets, but as long as you have everything, you can use Heliosphere to gain pluses.

Everything in 3s is used for Heliosphere to actually hit things.

Anyway, this deck is fun to use and has a decent playability.

As promised here is EMO.dek:

Monster (11):
2 Blue Duston (SHSP)
2 Yellow Duston
2 Red Duston
2 Green Duston
3 House Duston

Spells (18):
3 Duston Mop (SHSP)
3 Dark Designator
3 Single Purchase
3 The Humble Sentry
3 Cold Feet
3 Summon Breaker

Traps (11):
3 Lucky Punch
3 Armageddon Designator
3 From the Jaws of Defeat!? (SHSP)
2 Sound the Retreat!

Ever hated yourself so much you wanted to cut yourself? Think you're not worth it? Feel bad for winning to much at locals? Are you a witch?

Then fear not, I have the PERFECT deck for you!

You will not win. It is not possible. Your opponent will win!

I used Dustons as monsters so you can use damaging effects on yourself!!

Dark Designator will help your opponent with the monster he needs! Single Purchase will remove your hand for a Duston! The Humble Sentry will finaly return that Duston you need from your hand to your deck and shows your opponent what you have! Tired of using Spells and Traps? Use Cold Feet, that way you aren't able to! Ever wanted to end your turn throught an effect? Use Summon Breaker with House Duston to summon 4 Dustons to end the turn!

Lucky Punch lets you either draw 3 cards or loose 6000 Life Points, and we both know what is worth more! Armaggedon Designator banishes a card from your hand and nobody will be able to use it, and as this deck only has cards nobody uses, this only damages YOU! From the Jaws of Defeat!? gives you the possibility to gain 6000 damage!! And last but not least use Sound of Retreat to free up your field for your opponent to defeat you!!

Finally, you will be able to loose without the possibility to win!

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  1. aw the duston decks hates meh.
    why no Darkness neopshere?
    Stygian security,Goblin king,One for one,...
    after that... *compliting reading*
    oh lol its a traaap XDD