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[Deck Profile] Happy Feet (Nostalgia Review)

Hello and welcome to this week's review of another revisit of the past.

Now remember the old day's when you bought yourself a Joey Starter Deck and challenged a Yugi Muto or a Seto Kaiba player and what the result was? YES! It was JUST like in the anime, you got your ass handed like a champ!

However, despite that, you probably noticed something else. Playing the Joey Wheeler deck required brains and a lot of luck. Different than Yugi and Kaiba, the Joey Starter Deck focused on the performance of Fusion Monsters which still had less attack power than the other Starter Decks!

The only thing you could have done back then was to make sure to get rid of their Ace Monsters and then hope to get enough free hits before their Fissure crushed your hopes.

Now take a wild guess which Monster stood the most out of that whole laughing stock of a deck, cause that card is going to be the protagonist of this week's Nostalgia Review.



Yep that's right! This week's whole attention goes to almighty PENGUIN SOLDIER!!!! *clap clap clap clap*

That's right! This drool looking little feller was one of the strongest weapons of the whole Joey Deck! Especially in the old days this nasty little brute was capable of stopping any kind of beat down monsters, no one was safe from it and it was even able to recycle itself (if your opponent was stupid enough not to attack it).

Now you would expect the following deck be a Penguin Theme Deck, but that won't be the case, we're going to be more creative and complex here (as usual). What we're going to take a look here today will be a very aggressive mind-game depending beat down control deck. Without further delays, here we go:

 (Awwww come on, you got to admit, this is adorable!)

The Decklist:

2x Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier
3x Dewdark of the Ice Barrier
3x Penguin Soldier
3x Prior of the Ice Barrier
3x Star Boy
1x Tsukuyomi

1x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
3x Medallion of the Ice Barrier
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Surface
2x Terraforming
3x Wetlands

1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Fiendish Chain
3x Magic Cylinder
1x Solemn Warning
1x The Huge Revolution is Over
2x Trap Stun

Extra Deck:

3x Armor Kappa
3x Daigusto Phoenix
3x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
3x Number 96: Dark Mist (Filler)
3x Shining Elf (Filler)

Now before we go into details here; some notes in advance:

- Yes, this deck was originally tested with Deep Sea Divas, thus, an Extra Deck was making a lot of sense, and now, the Extra Deck still exists  but its importance is just as secondary as it was before.

- No, no no no! I am aware that we have Tuners in this deck, but we are still not going to perform any Synchro Summons here which are no Brionac Dragons, so in short, no, just, no!

- Why are there no Mother Grizzlies in this deck you ask? Well that's simple... Cause we are not at the North Pole! We're at the South Pole, there are no bears here, deal with it! :)

Good, now that we got over with that... let me try to justify what the hell I've created here.

Okay first off, I am aware that if a deck is in desperate for attack enhancement, that there's usually something really wrong with it, since you normally cannot expect any field spell cards to be lasting long enough on the field, however, if your deck has possibilities to bypass your opponent's monster line up, that believe me, it's a compromise worth taking.

Okay next, let's try to summarize the goals of this deck:
- Reflect the damage of attacks back to your opponent
- Defeat your opponent by direct attacks
- Stall the game until the significant deathblow can be carried out
- Using face down spell/trap cards as a bluff

Different than most Control Decks, this deck doesn't try to stir up insecurity of your opponent from playing out cards. Different than those decks, this one works mostly with forcing your opponent to make decision of what to get rid of (like what to destroy with effects, or the decision to declare an attack or not).

Let's take a quick look at some key cards of this deck:

Dewdark of the Ice Barrier is probably the game breaker of this deck. Most of the combinations of this deck revolves around direct attacks with Dewdark. So obviously, Dewdark forces your opponent into an inner conflict, which leads the into a difficult decision whether they should be getting rid of it by using up resources, such as spells and traps, to attack it and risk triggering a trap or just leave it alone and take a direct attack as a result next turn.
Most of the time it is probably the best idea to just get rid of it, however, with Magic Cylinders in the deck you actually take double the risk by doing so. So you probably want to get rid of the back row first. But now with Heavy Storm gone, that won't be that easy anymore, cause what I will be doing in this deck is obviously just set pretty much every spell/trap card which I have in my hand, that alone makes it a lot harder for the opponent to figure out which card was a bluff and which ones actually suppose to do something.

Penguin Soldier is responsible for this deck's main defense line next to the trap line up. Just like Dewdark, this little nasty allows again, a pretty interesting mind game to take place. In general this is the only monster card you would ever want to set, however, it is that knowledge which allows you to play with your opponent's mind. Usually in Yu-Gi-Oh you would want to play defensive when you are at a disadvantage. However, in this deck, you want to set monsters in order to leave your opponent with painful choices. Given the possibility that every face-down monster on the field could be a Penguin Soldier, players have to make a decision whether to attack it or instead another target, as for instance, a Dewdark next to it, which can attack directly.

Wetlands/Star Boy are probably the only reason why this deck manages to keep its monsters alive. They are absolutely essential since it won't take long to realize how weak the individual monsters actually are, I mean for Christ's sake, they are level 2 monsters! It is only thanks to Wetlands and Star Boy that the monsters in this deck get a juicy attack boost up to 1700 attack points.

This Deck is a 100% Bluff Box. Players who prefer a straight forward strategy and despite going into mind games should absolutely stay away from it. For everyone else who have a hard time playing old boring meta decks and are looking for even older forgotten treasures, give it a try, it might not be able to kick bad ass but let me ensure you that it will be a lot of fun playing!

-Kamishima Kimika

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