Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Deck Profile] B-Boyz

Yes, it is exactly I, thy Lord Bunilla who has returned in writing deck profiles of decks you asked thyself how to build it without going throught various threads or youtube videos and stuff.

After seeing those fun decks by Kimika (I always wondered where he gets those great but still weird ideas from :3) I decided to feature a deck known as Bujin. And maybe we will see a Bujin deck topping this weekend @ YCS Torronto. Who knows. But until then lets have a look at how I think a Bujin deck should look like.

After I've been asked about this: We will only feature decklists using the TCG Ban List that you as always find also here on our blog.


Monster (15):
3 Bujin Yamato
3 Bujinhi Turtle
3 Bujingi Crane
2 Bujingi Quilin
2 Effect Veiler
1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
1 Honest

Spells (15):
3 Pot of Duality
3 Forbidden Dress
2 Black Garden
2 Fire Formation - Tenki
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Book of Moon
1 Bujincarnation
1 Dark Hole

Traps (10):
3 Fiendish Chain
2 Vanity's Emptiness
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Break Throught Skill
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Warning

Extradeck (15):
2 Bujintei Susanowhereisshegone?
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King
1 Constellar Ptolemy M7
1 Constellar Omega
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Gagaga Cowboy
1 Gem-Knight Pearl
1 Lavalval Chain
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Starliege Paladynamo
1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries
1 Ally of Justice Catastor


*shoots him down*
I think we can agree that we don't need that interviewer anymore.

Bujin as a deck heavyly relies on the existance of Yamato on the field. It's something like a Kycoo beatdown as in the last format where you protect your Yamato from dying (but also don't right away die if he does) and like to actually put effort in grinding along your opponent.

But even if you don't have Yamato (or a way to search him like Tenki, Pot of Duality), you still have many ways to play a long game with your opponent. Your Bujingis all have a rather high attack so summoning one of them with serveral ways of hindering your opponent already puts your opponent in a hard to overcome position. Especially since there are no real "I WIN" buttons in this game anymore thanks to the banlist.

If you have Yamato on the field, the real hard game starts. You can search out Turtle and Crane to protect Yamato and put cards like Quilin in the grave to use them to destroy cards later on. You don't only have the protection throught your backrow but also throught your grave and in your hand (Crane/Honest/Veiler).

Summoning another Bujin allows your Yamato to transform with that Bujin to Susanowo which likes to destroy everything on its path.

I chose Forbidden Dress over Lance for serveral reasons. There are only a few cards that target and not destroy that would get Yamato from the field (Prison/Lance to a higher extence) but we already have Turtle for those cards while Dress us protects from cards we can't use Turtle on (Infantry used with Megalo/Teus activating as CL1 and Megalo/Teus as CL2 rendering Turtle useless) and of course protects us in the same way as Turtle on cards like Ryko that destroy as a Monster effect. The only cards we really can't do anything against is Fate, but we have a side deck for that.

Black Garden seems to be a weird choice for a Bujin starter, but it has serveral purposes. The obvious one is that your Yamato is huge if your opponent can't get rid of Garden, but Garden is also an OTK enabler and a Monster Reborn. Have Yamato, Black Garden face-up and a Crane and another Bujin in your hand. Summon your other Bujin (your opponent gains a Token), Xyz summon Susanowo (opponent gains another Token), detach a Material to search for Crane, run into first Token and discard Crane (Susanowo's halved attack becomes double it's original attack, meaning 4800) so your opponent gets 4000 damage, run into second Token and discard another Crane for another 4000 damage. Impressive right? :3

You can also use Black Garden as a Monster Reborn by destroying it and all plants (Tokens) to summon a monster from your grave with the exact amount of ATK points as the monsters you destroyed using Garden, which can summon with two tokens Quilin, Crane and Bear and with three tokens Susanowo and Omega.

Three Fiendish Chains seem a little excessive, but we're not really far into the format yet, so who knows which decks will be played. I just wanted to play the safer game also using the full amount of reduced traps (Compulsory, Bottomless, Warning).

Two Vanity's Emptiness are there as I expect a rather Special Summon format. I also don't conquer the card as Yamato sends from the hand to the Graveyard (and Crane/Honest/Veiler can still be used).

The Extra Deck is full of cards you could possibly summon, but to be honest, I have yet to summon a different monster the Susanowo. They are just there to have the possibility to summon a big variation of monsters for whatever situation may come up:

Abyss Dweller: My opponent uses his Graveyard a lot and I can summon this in a longer game along my Yamato.
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King: I need to negate effects of a monster that gives me troubles and I use him to be certain to have another Yamato ready later on. This card will be more useful if we have both Beast-Warriors post Shadow Specters to search out Yamato if I don't have another Bujin.
Constellar Omega: My opponent also tries to grind using serveral traps and I just can't seem to get throught his cards.
Constellar Ptolemy M7: Using Omega as a Material after I used his effect.
Daigusto Emeral: In the later game, all my Yamatos have gone through and I need him back ASAP.
Diamond Dire Wolf: End-Game situations. Too specific to name some.
Gagaga Cowboy: 800 Damage for the win. Literally.
Gem-Knight Pearl: Run over stuff you don't seem to get over.
Lavalval Chain: Stack myself a Yamato to the top.
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn: Stall. Or Book in situations where I need to destroy that way to big monster.
Starliege Paladynamo: Get down that way to strong monster with way to strong effect.
Ally of Justice Catastor: LV4 + Veiler to get over stuff.
Armades, Keeper of Boundaries: Death to Mermails and Catastor.

This is it for today. The next deck profile will be EMO.

~~Lord Bunilla


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