Monday, August 26, 2013

The reasons for the long absence

Hello there dear Trolldecking readers! It's been over a year since Sephiroth and me have updated this place and to my surprise, there's still a lot of people stopping by every single day!

This of course fills my heart with joy and it feels almost bad for not giving you guys some explanations.

There's basically 2 major reasons why we stopped doing our weekly updates, one is due to the changes of the Meta Game for the past year and the other regards our individual private life.

Let me start this thing with talking about point one, the meta game...

To be short, the past 2 formats simply didn't have much to offer apart from the already overpopular meta decks.... whether it was Inzectors, Dino Rabbits, Atlanteans, Machines, Spellbooks or Dragons, whenever or wherever I've checked, OCG or TCG, the decks seemed to be nearly identical and apart from those, Konami really didn't give us much to work with.

As you all might have known for the time we were active, Trolldecking, as the name suggests, focused on decks which were mainly for trolling purposes on your weekly regional tournaments/meetings. In other words, we were throwing out rogue decks which always had some sorts of a competitive chance (40% upwards). To be sure of our deck qualities, we've usually:

A: Built that deck in real
B: Tested on weekly meetings against various players
C: Analyzed major pros and contras
D: Wrote a Blog Entry (yeah, in here)

Due to the crazy past formats however, that purpose seemed to have been vanished entirely (Okay I admit it, I've still spent time building fun decks over DN but I've never had the passion to evaluate them and improving them).

So that's one reason for us not being active the past year, there was simply no spark for a meaningfully creative move from our side.

The second reason is rather of a private matter and hard to explain without going too much into detail. Let's keep it as short and simple as possible which would be: I've left the country after graduation and tried my luck to build up a little game-dev-company with some buddies of mine (which is the reason I left the country in order to be closer to them).

With me being in Asia and Sephiroth  being back in Europe, of course, weekly meetings became impossible (and believe me if I say how much I miss those days and how much I wish to get those back as soon as possible lol) and thus, working together on new deck ideas rather became somehow of a losing battle.

But yeah, nothing is certain, we might return as soon we get a more interesting format as well as Sephiroth and me finding back our passion for deck building since honesty speaking, once you got into deck building, there's no way you can get away from it hehe, it's an addiction which probably has no form of rehabilitation ;)!

So let me thank you all again for your supports and who knows... we may be back before we all notice it!~

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