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[FunDeck] ナニ~ ナニ~ ? ナニ~ ナニ? Bird Brain

Okay let's try this, it's been awhile and I hope I didn't get too rusty hehe....

A few words in advance about the following deck.... THIS IS A FUN DECK! If you are not interested in cute decks with interesting little combos, then please don't proceed hehe...
Okay, ever since the announcement of the harpie structure deck back in the old days, I've grown quite an interest in harpies as back then, it felt like harpies being capable of making winged beast a working thing, which to my disappointment wasn't the case, it still sucked. Now ever since, there have been new additions to this archetype during pretty much each era of yu-gi-oh which started to make the idea of a comeback more and more likely.

Now during my days of "Don't give a crap about this friggin game no more with those friggin retarded archetypes" the harpies suddenly made a re-appearance, again giving me new hope in this archetype. Since I've been playing Gusto, Blackwing, Gladiators and Falcon Beat in the past, coming up with an interesting concept didn't seem to be a major problem, however, like in most bad archetypes, it's the cut out of cards, which determines a deck's capabilities.

I've decided to make my final decision by checking out the new units Harpie Channeler and Dancer. Now since they both focus on discard and bounce, the answer came to my mind in a matter of seconds; it was time to take out good old falcon beat out of my imaginary closet, yes what we are dealing with here, is a falcon beat spin-off deck.

(Decklist with some ideas stored in the side deck slot)

Okay let me bring this out once more since it can't be stressed out enough, this is a fun-deck, so there are a lot of combine-capable cards but the methods to go against Meta Decks are very very limited. 
The main combo cards in this deck are Harpie Dancer, Channeler, Falcon, in combination with Swallow's Nest and the awesome but so hard to use Field Spell, Divine Wind of Mist Valley. It's obvious that the goal of this deck revolves around gaining advantage during both players turns, while trying to keep things flexible with help of Evacuation Devices and Mist Valley Thunder Lord. 

For more details let's take a close look to some key cards of this deck, as this deck is rather complex and might be hard to understand for fresh players.

Key Cards:

Dragunity Darkspear (Dragon/Wind/4*/1000/1000): 
This nasty little brute is pretty much the core of this deck. It is a personal opinion, but in my eyes, the fact that Falcon Beat used to be such a difficult to deal with deck was the fact, that Falcon kept coming back to the field, no matter what. One big reason for this was Darkspear, mainly thanks to his low stats which protected him against bottomless trap holes and enabled the use of Limit Reverse, the baby version of Call of the Haunted.

Mist Valley Falcon (Winged-Beast/Wind/4*/2000/1200):
Ah yes, the legendary winged-beast which taught many many players a hard lesson in underestimating feathered monsters in the world of yu-gi-oh. This card was feared for it's famous cost of requiring to bounce a card back to hand in order to declare an attack. 

Barrier Statue of the Storm Winds (Winged-Beast/Wind/4*/1000/1000):
Despite having terrible stats, the barrier statues have been known to shut down whole decks due to their effect of disabling special summons except for monsters which shares their specific attribute. Thanks to Darkspear, the Barrier Statue has found a permanent slot in any Falcon-Beat inspired decks.

Harpie Dancer (Winged-Beast/Wind/4*/1200/1000):
Harpie Dancer is one of the new additions to the archetype, the whole harpie engine in this version of a harpie deck revolves around this card. She has the ability to give the player another additional normal summon for a wind monster once per turn, for the cost of returning a wind monster from the field to the hand.

Divine Wind of Mist Valley (Field Spell):
This card is the Core Spell car of this deck. It is a rarely used spell card which its only purpose is to special summon a level 4 or lower wind monster from the deck (once per turn) whenever a wind monster returns to the hand of the player of this card.

Having pointed out the Key-Cards, let's go over to some interesting combos of this deck.

Several Combos:

Harpie Channeler + Harpie Dancer(from deck) + any Harpie monster:
This combo works the following: First summon Harpie Channeler, then discard a Harpie card to special summon Harpie Dancer. Return Channeler with Harpie Dancer's effect to normal summon any wind-monster. This combo doesn't generate any major advantages, however, it enables combos with many many other cards in this deck, you'll be noticing using this combo all the time, especially with Divine Wind of Mist Valley on the field.

Mist Valley Falcon/Mist Valley Thunder Lord + any Wind Monster + Divine Wind of Mist Valley:
This combo can also be performed with Harpie Dancer, but for most of the time, it will be Falcon or Thunder Lord... doesn't need much of an explanation, it generates a +1 from the deck.

Falcon/Thunder Lord + Call of the Haunted + any Monster in the Graveyard:
Basically what this combo does is to recycle Call of the Haunted, but since Call of the Haunted destroys itself when the reborn monster leaves the field, it has to be performed the other way around, making this combo only works in 2 separate turns (Exception: Darkspear).

Safe Zone + Barrier Statue of Storm Winds:
This combo makes it harder for your opponent to get rid of the Statue due to the protection of Safe Zone, however, The Statue remains in attack position and is destroyed immediately once Safe Zone is destroyed.

Falcon/Thunder Lord + Safe Zone:
Since Safe Zone can also target your opponent's monster, Safe Zone can also be used to destroy those monsters by combining them with Falcon/Thunder Lord.

Now the hardest thing about this deck was the right cut, so here's some "possibilities" which were scrapped for the following reasons:

Elegant Egoist: 
The anime-popular key spell card of May Valentine which requires a Harpie Lady on the field in order to special summon Harpie Lady Sisters or another Harpie Lady from the deck. The main reason why I've never used this card lies in the fact that Harpie Lady Sisters suck in general and Harpie Lady being limited to 3 no matter which version. As a result, this card becomes too situational all manages to miss the right moment pretty much all the time. 

Harpie's Hunting Ground:
This card simply isn't as good as it makes you hope it is. The main problem of this card is that it is just so hard to control and it also nulls your option of summoning harpies without destroying this field spell card when there is no other target on the field.

Icarus Attack:
Icarus Attack is a very popular card in any winged-beast deck, the problem here is... so is Starlight Road which comes hand in hand with Icarus Attack: Don't know how much it is played lately but in my knowledge, last time I've checked it was quite popular and the monsters in this deck are far too precious to sacrifice for nothing, in short, cannot be afforded to be wasted.

Hysteric Party:
This card simply requires too many requirements in order to be played a set-up of more than 2 harpies in the grave to make it worth and an extra hand card.

So I hope that bringing out a new review brought some fresh air to this place and hopefully both me and Sephiroth will find our ways back to this place somehow... be sure that as long Konami brings out reasons for us to go back to our nostalgia days and as long we find free time, that we will certainly do so... so until then.... until then.... hmm... what was it again....

*Chirp chirp*.... what was I about to say again chirp... heh I must have forgot... *chirp*

-Kamishima Kimika

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