Friday, August 30, 2013

[Deck Review] Headstarter into the Banned List of September 2013

With the banned list closing in on us the favorite time for The Lord and me, as deck builders, has come again. This time is the specific one where we can go wild and randomly create some decks which we would like to see for head starters for the new format. 

Since I've received  2 requests on a Blue-Eyes Structure based deck recently I've decided to have my fair shot at it here (at least the first deck out of two), let me present you the updated version of my Blue Swing Demise.

Now first things first; the background of this deck: This deck is an altered Swing Demise which The Lord and me build sometime back in 2011(?). Back then, this deck was a fairly normal Machine Swing Demise deck and we've decided to hold it back since it seemed like nothing special.

So, you might wonder what the difference is for it this time compared to last time; why releasing it now and not back then?

Timing my friends, it's the timing. As I said, The Lord and me usually love these times of the year the most, it's the only times in the year where we usually feel like presenting decks like this one here are okay and still keeping our identity in the Yu-Gi-Oh scene.

So as I've heard the Blue-Eyes Deck is still not out for the west but since it's going to happen anyways I feel like this won't be a problem.

Without wasting any more time, let's head over to the detailed analysis of the deck.

1. Main Objective:
The main objective in this deck is to wipe out your opponent's field within the first turn (if possible) and then attack him directly with all your might, just like every other Demise Deck. The win options with this deck revolve around Demise (for crowd control), Blue Eyes White Dragon (for exceed, ritual, synchro, draw speed and direct attack) and Ancient Gear Dragon (for direct attack). 

2. OTK:
Now OTK (one turn kills) has always been a major topic in any Demise decks, so let's take a look at the options we have:

Demise + Blue Eyes + Megamorph (2400 + 3000 + 3000):
This one is probably the easiest one to pull off in this deck due to the fact that it is mainly a 3 card combo. It is also the most traditional one of Demise decks ever since (started with Doomdozer + Demise + Megamorph = 2800 + 2400 + 2800 = 8000). Thanks to Advanced Ritual Art and Trade-In, bringing Blue Eyes White Dragon into the graveyard will be a very easy task. Swing of Memories and Silver's Cry are both basically Monster Reborn for Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so the player doesn't have to worry too much about summoning Blue-Eyes. 

Demise + Gear Town + Ancient Gear Dragon + Megamorph (2400 + 3000 + 3000):
This combo has also been around the game for ages. Here's a short description of how it works: First set Gear Town onto the Field Spell Card Zone (this ensures an Ancient Gear Dragon as soon it is destroyed). The next thing to do is summoning Demise and pay 2000 life points to destroy the field. As a result to that action Ancient Gear Dragon is summoned from the deck. Equip Gear Dragon with Megamorph and then attack with both units.

3. Stall the game:
Solely relying on OTK strategies aren't enough anymore nowadays, as the decks which circle around tend to not giving any space for a lacking defense. To counter that problem,  this deck was equipped with several counter measurements.

Mystical Space Typhoon:
Now this one might sound silly since it seems so simple and obvious. However, time has proven that sometimes even the best players lack this little bit of common sense, especially when they start off with a bad hand and panic. In this deck, this card has another additional purpose to what it usually is suppose to do. As an emergency situation, the player is given the option to destroy Gear Town with Mystical Space Typhoon.

I'm not just any slacker; I'm the Slacker Magician!:
I have no idea how often this card has shown up in the late tournaments but as a deck builder, cards like Slacker Magicians have always waken my attention. Slacker Magician will mostly be summoned through Flamwell Guard with Swing of Memories or Silver's Cry and another level 1 monster, after it was ditched with Cards of Consonance. Slacker Magician won't have a great purpose on the field, but she should be able to keep your opponent busy for 1-2 turns.

Number 107:
Photon-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, nuff said! :L

As long you don't attack, your opponent will be troubled by this ugly memory of the past.

In a case where a more defense oriented Demise deck is required (during a best of 3 match), the deck can be switched out to a Machine Demise deck which will gain access to Black Salvo and that again will enable the usage of Ancient Fairy Dragon and Black Rose Dragon.

Strong Points:
It's is fairly easy to understand the reasons why this deck is considered an option for playing; it's fast, efficient, and even if the combination is being interrupted, it will still have a fair chance of a comeback.

Let's assume for the worst and Demise was stopped with a Bottomless Trap Hole or any other traps foiling the plan of wiping out the field, this deck can still find ways to summon a Blue Eyes White Dragon or a Ancient Gear Dragon onto the field. In those cases, Demise itself was used for bait as you can be sure that no player will wait and see if you are going to summon another monster or not, since it's a risk they cannot afford to take.

When it comes to OTK combos there have always been a rule: any combo which happen with 3 or less cards is a good one. This deck can do that, so as long it can  keep going until that happens, there's nothing to worry about.

Well this deck IS an OTK Deck, so with the power it comes, obviously a big draw back is about to follow. Given the power this deck has due to card combinations, no combinations would mean the end for it. So basically if your opponent manages to negate your special summons, it is possible that you won't have time for a comeback.

Given that, this deck also suffers from a high chance of bad draws since it's full of situational cards. Due to that, don't get all worked up over it in case you've decided to try it out and it happens to you lol.

Slacker Magician Time GO!
(Too lazy for any drawings -3-)

-Kamishima Kimika

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  1. nice combo with geartown :D I like it.
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