Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Banned List] Thoughts about the upcoming banned list (TCG)

Okay, after the last one-sided banned list where dragons have kicked some major asses I came to wonder what will be next... Like many other people I've wanted a de-powering on the dragon side, while a power-up on the others, since banning any decks entirely would be rather pointless (as usual).

I was fairly surprised when I saw this list at first (Pojo), because the whole problem regarding Big Eye, Dracossack has not been solved as I'm not seeing, how banning the small block of the Dragon Ruler would have any major influence to the whole construct (apart from forcing people to think outside the box and be creative haha)...

On the other hand, important anti/control cards have been restricted or banned which came as a surprise (such as Compulsory Evacuation Device, Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, Rai-Oh)...

It almost felt like they were trying to weaken Dragon Ruler decks (I apologize if this isn't the official name of the deck since I only know the Cantonese Name for it lol) but at the same time balancing it out by also weaken other decks; but in my eyes totally failed on it.

Now, I want to get things perfectly clear, I didn't wish for them to ban neither Big Eye nor Dracossack, since they are on their own, not overpowered and banning Dracossack would destroy a whole archetype which in my eyes, took the effort in bringing fresh air to the game, making Dracossack a universal card was the mistake of the card designers to begin with.

Non-the-less, with the disappearance of the small Dragon Rulers from the game, now at least the remaining 4 dragons require a little bit more of creativity to play, so I guess it can be said, that older deck types might get an opportunity to make a stand.

With the disappearance of Elemental Stratos, the long-lived rogue deck engine of Hero Beat finally comes to a closer step to its end. However, with his disappearance, we got our third D-Hero Malicious and E-Emergency Call back; so, was the sacrifice of 1 key card in exchange for the return of another deck engine worth it? In my eyes, this brings a whole new and fresh game play opportunity into the game. Having Malicious back to three might give the birth to new Rank 6 control/beatdown decks; my spontaneous instincts scream D-Hero/Hieratic/Chaos for instance :) .

Also, don't forget the return of Zombies, T.G. and Blackwing (now with T.G. Striker at 2 and Black Whirlwind at 3). T.G. was always more known as a deck engine rather than a theme deck, which will bring us yet again, many many possibilities to bring some fresh air into the game (since last time, there was only Synchro abuse, now we have XYZ as well yippie!).

So yeah, if you ask me if I am hyped, then the answer would be, certainly!

Okay folks, that's pretty much my current thoughts of the upcoming ban list, first deck ideas for the next format probably following soon, so don't miss it ;).

Oh yes, I forgot to take my statement over the ban of Monster Reborn and Heavy Storm... this will be an easy one, I LIKE IT! Why? Well I can pretty much tell you why x3, since it harms everybody but foremost it harms beat down decks and since I'm a fan of control decks, well I'm not being neutral here so I'll better shut my mouth hehe (or remove my fingers from the keyboard...).

-Kamishima Kimika

PS: Next Deck Review: Blue Swing Demise :3 Screw the ban list I have Normal Monsters!

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