Monday, May 28, 2012

[Deck Profile] Screw the rules, I have money!

The Battle Pack: Feel the Flow is out for 5 days in Europe and therefore people are already complaining about how 75% of this set is absolute bull crap and you have either 2 Tour Guides or you have none for like 5 boxes.

Heil Kaiba!

Now I felt like looking at that 75% bull crap we have in the packs, ok, I'm not going so far and telling you I actually looked at the commons out side of the obvious good ones, but I looked at the rare cards and decided to build a "Screw the rules, I have money!" solely out of Rare cards from the Battle Pack (no fuck Starfoils. They can go shoot themselves into the knee caps) and as we are in "Sealed Play" (somebody will correct me and say that this Sealed Play is only when you actually only play cards you got from SEALED packs), I decided to build a deck of minimum 20 cards and one with minimum 40 cards.

First of all let's take a look on the 40 card deck.

Monster (15):
6x Dark Magician of Chaos
3x Jinzo
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Cyber Jar

Spells (22):
6x Graceful Charitiy
6x Premature Burial
3x Pot of Greed
3x Raigeki
3x Harpie's Feather Duster
1x United we Stand

Traps (3):
3x Solemn Judgment

Extradeck (15):
16x Gem-Knight Pearl

To be honest, I'd play without the 3 Jinzos and +3 Pot of Greed, but I only got 3, so yeah. But everything else is pretty much how I would play it.

Ok, the monsters. There are 4 different monsters in here (3 if we don't count Jinzo, but yeah). The main goal is to summon 3 Dark Magician of Chaos and setting 2 Solemn Judgment to win the game as early as the second turn, or we activate Harpie's Feather Duster to clear the opponents backrow, then summon 5 DMoCs from which we tribute 1 to summon Caius and banish 1 monster from my opponent's field, activate Raigeki if there are still monsters left and then activate United we stand so we can run over Gorz if there is any.

Cyber Jar is just there for the food. And if you have no draw cards in your starting hand but him, then he is pretty useful.

About the spells. I play with 6 Graceful Charity, 6 Premature Burial and 6 Pot of Greed. Activating all of them normaly is considered the doom for any opponent as you will have setup all the cards you need to win (and therefore 666 as in the normaly known number of the dev....archfiend). Graceful Charity comes in handy to cycle faster throught the deck then Pot of Duality, as you draw 3 instead of 2, and discard DMoCs or anything else you won't need. Pot of Greed is a +1 and gives me the possibility to use Graceful Charity without losing cards I don't want to discard.

Now about Premature Burial. I know you people think it won't be that useful, as you have to pay 800 Life Points to activate this card, which is obviously a lot, but think about the possibilities you gain from summoning a DMoC or even a Caius.

Playing with each 3 of Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster is necessery to control the opponent's field.  I know most of you complain about how Smashing Ground is better, as it can't be countered by Starlight Road, and if you wan't to destroy face-down monsters we have Shield Crush, but I think, your opponent won't always have Starlight Road, so even if Starlight Road is there, I will always have another 2 Raigekis to clear the field after that.

United we Stand as mentioned above assures a OTK without the fear of Gorz. But there is always Battle Fader so be aware of that.

The traps are easy to describe. Playing with Solemn Judgment is normaly considered to much, as you have to pay half of your life points for each. But at least you can ALWAYS activate it, as you can always pay half your life points (yes even with 1 life point left, you always round it up as soon as it is calculated, so you pay 0.5 and you have 1 at the end).

So for the Extra Deck I asked my self, why play with 3 times the same card, if you can have 16. I mean, you are only allowed to play 15 Extra Deck cards, but I think nobody will ever mention, as they're to distracted from your 16 Gem-Knight Pearls. Gem-Knight Pearl is a strong Rank 4 monster which you will only be able to summon if you side into 6 Change of Heart.

So this is for the 40 card Battle Pack deck. I hope you enjoy playing it.

Let's move on to the 20+ card variant.

Monster (7):
6x Dark Magician of Chaos
1x Skull Archfiend of Lightning

Spells (12):
6x Graceful Charity
6x Premature Burial

Traps (3):
3x Solemn Judgment

Extradeck (15):
16x Gem-Knight Pearl

It is not so different from the first deck, as it is just put down to the minimum of that what I would play.

First of all, 22 cards. Why 22? This is in order to activate Graceful Charity with being able to draw until 1 card and not dying on your next turn.

The card choises were explained above except for Skull Archfiend of Lightning. You can choose between 1 of the following explainations:

(A) I needed a 22nd card and I always wanted to play that card/was the top card of my rare pile.
(B) I wanted to hail Satan by putting in 3 times 6 cards and putting in the king of all archfiends.
(C) I like Bunilla so much, that...wait how does Bunilla have to do with anything of this?

So that's for that. You may now put in the comments section what you think of the decks and which explainations you chose!

Oh yeah, good job people! Right after posting this post you gave me this!

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    1. Well, tbh, I thought playing with 6 Premature Burial would be already enought. XD

  2. better troll deck, 35 pot of greeds and the 5 pieces of exodia