Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Deck Profile] Lolcats r kewl! =3

Im presentin u mah kewl deckz.

I liek playin dis deckz vry mutch.

An maybe sum cheezburger?

K, but only cuz iz u!

Monstr (20):
3x Lol Cat
3x Tour Guide Frum teh Underworld
3x Maxx "C"
3x Teh Fabld Katsith
2x Thundr King Rai-Oh
2x Supr-Nimble Mega Hamham
1x Black Lustr Soldir - Envoy ov teh Beginnin
1x Ape Fightr
1x Sangan
1x Effect Veilr
0x Bunilla

Spellz (8):
2x Forbidden Lance
2x Mystical Space Tyfoon
1x Pot ov Avarice
1x Book ov Moon
1x Monstr Reborn
1x Dark Hole

Trapz (12):
3x Fiendish Chain
3x Raigeki Break
2x Horn ov teh Fantom Beast
2x Solemn Warnin
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Starlight Road

Extradeck (15):
2x Teh Fabld Unicore
2x Fabld Ragin
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon ov teh Ice Barrir
1x Ally ov Justice Katastor
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Mist Wurm
1x Numbr 30: Acid Golem ov Destrucshun
1x Numbr 17: Leviathan Dragon
1x Leviair teh Sea Dragon
1x Wind-Up Zenmainez

I spy wif mah lil eye somethin startin wif C. C 4 control deck!

Ure rite. Dis deck triez 2 control ur opponent throught teh effect ov Teh Fabld Unicore. Teh Fabld Unicore has teh effect, dat if both playerz has teh same amount ov cardz in their hanz, he negatez evry card an effect ur opponent triez 2 activate an destroys dat card. Teh best part bout it dat it doesnt start chain, it be continous effect. Dis meanz it able 2 negate Countr Trap cardz. Jus remembr, at teh resolve ov teh cardz in da chain both playerz has 2 has teh same amount ov cardz.

Dat soundz awsum hooman. But remembr im in u blog, askin u queshuns.

Thaz 4 sure. Sum stuff u got 2 knoe bout dis deck. Teh Fabld Katsith has teh effect if discardd he destroys face-up card on teh field. So wif Raigeki Break activad it jus an Icarus Attack. But use it wisely, cuz Katsith HAS 2 destroy face-up card on teh field. So bettr destroy teh opponents Spell/Trap card wif Raigeki Break an den destroy his face-up monstr wif Katsith.

Wow! But how do u summon Unicore easily?

Teh summon ov Teh Fabld Unicore iz rly easy. U jus ned 2 setup Katsith into ur Graveyard via Raigeki Break or Supr-Nimble Mega Hamham. Den summon Lol Cat an git bak Katsith 2 teh field. Wif Supr-Nimble Mega Hamham u can summon Ragin 2 ur field. An wif iz effect u can draw cardz til u has 2 cardz in ur hand.

Soundz legit! R that any othr tips u wants 2 giv us?

Yez. Furst ting iz, use Maxx "C" not only 4 dat it usd 4 normaly, but also 2 negate cardz frum ur opponent by discardin it. Has Unicore on teh field an has 1 card les in ur hand den ur opponent. Den ur opponent will most likely set wan card down durin his turn an den activate somethin (if he has somethin 2 activate). Nao jus chain Maxx "C" 2 it an it will be negatd, unles ur opponent wants 2 waste Quick-Spell card frum his hand 2 stop Unicore from negatin his effect. So u has 2 do sum mind gamez wif dis deck.

Im gonna do so, Im gonna, but I has wan last queshun. Y Ape Fightr? An y no Bunilla?

Cuz he iz Dark (target 4 Black Lustr Soldir - Not teh Ritual Monstr), has 1900 ATK, gets 300 ATK moar if he destroys somethin in battle an wif Horn ov teh Fantom Beast hez already at 2700 ATK which isnt beaten easily (Jus imagine Unicore wif Horn. It grows 2 3100 ATK). And bout Bunilla. Ov course I c dat u can summon him wif Lol Cat, but even thot I luv him an adore him liek nothin else in dis wurld (All hail Bunilla!!), I jus couldn't fit him moar den 0 tiems into mah Main Deck.

Aww, thaz sad. But anyways Im gonna pulay dis.

Has fun! An her iz anothr video frum Trollvloggr.

(Nowt: Im vry sry, but teh video quz made before I made an update on teh decklist, but teh update quz so masif 4 da playability ov dis deck, dat I had 2 post teh updatd vershun wif teh not updatd vershun ov teh deck in da video. Thaz gud 4 u, but wuz not dat gud 4 da video.)



  1. lol, lolcat, teh deck is awesome xD
    by Lloyd

    ps: 0x Bunilla <- forever alone???

  2. I thought this was Squiddy for a sec.

  3. Thats very very hard to read with the derp writing.... seriously.

  4. can you tell me how to add pictures to the post

  5. Oha, ein deutscher Blogger also?

    Now with Ignition Priority gone, Raigeki Break became even better but you would rather play Bottomless Traphole instead of Fiendish Chain.
    Seems like a fun deck idea all in all but hard to keep the same amount of cards as your opponent.

    1. Ze German thinks, we R from Germany, but truly we r from ze land with ze beautiful chocolate and mountains.

      About that keeping the same amount of cards. You normaly won't have the same amount, so only if you are able to do so, you will be very rewarded.

      On the other hand, during your turn it will be very funny to run over everything without any fear of Traps, Spells, or even stuff like Honest or Kalut.

  6. It says 0x Bunilla, but I'm pretty sure you meant 999x Bunilla