Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Random] YCS Leipzig & Bunilla

Sooo, finally the YCS Leipzig Article.

Wanted to upload on Saturday but due to problems with the internet and the computer it was basically impossible to do so. Oh lord Bunilla forgive me!

First of all, I'm pleased to announce, that you will get from me our favorite monster of all time (and it's funny that we never got anything real about it before here):

All hail Bunilla!

This is for all of our supporters. PJ from TheIrishDuelist already has a version of my artwork of Bunilla gotten personally handed out by me in Leipzig. You can see it here. (Yes it looks different, but for public uses you will get this picture). For all of you, print it out, glue it on top of your Bunilla card and hail Bunilla! Because we all love Bunilla and Bunilla will soon rule over the world. Spread the word, so everyone can have it's own awesome artwork Bunilla!

Now please enjoy your Leipzig article.
I took a flight for anyone wondering. First to Munich, where I got this awesome bottle in the airport.

It looks right at you. It smiles!

Then after 40 minutes further to Leipzig/Halle in a rather small plane. It had maybe 80 seats. Or something. Well yeah, landing in Leipzig/Halle and mentioning: No buses at all. You actually have to take a taxi if you don't want to walk like 1 or 2 hours to get to the venue (and another time to get to the hotel). So I got to the venue and walked in. An empty hall with no players in it is always something special. Especialy when you get some free food. Thanks belgium staff people, that food was just needed! After that I took another taxi to get to the hotel.

There were already some people I know from the last YCS (Brighton) and some new people. First thing to mention with Leipzig is that I have spoken like 90% English and 10% German/Dutch so...I really didn't feel like Germany in that way. On the other hand, the hotel was clean, old looking and had absolute friendly owner.

I went to the venue again to look throught the people pre-registering (and getting their BEWD). Saw some players I know from Germany, saw some from Switzerland. Met for the first time Yami-Silver from eTCG, who is a really cool guy. Got 10 Bunillas from him! Then did some trades with people there and outside and went to the hotel after that. Went to sleep until the Judge Dinner, felt really tired in some way because of those two flights. And then we had the judge dinner, which was meeting all the judges I saw from Brighton plus some more (and of course PJ).

The following day, the following morning. I went downstairs, ate breakfast and went to the bus after that (we had a bus to drive from the hotel to the venue). Arriving at the venue, there were already players standing outside or in the public area of the venue. We walk inside like some heroic human beings, being caught by the eyes of the crowd. Walk towards the place you may call a godly silent place for judges. We place our stuff there and go to the main event hall, where we get further instructions. We know it will be a hard day, but we asked for it, so we go throught it.

Doing deck checks, finding errors in deck lists ('Black Luster Soldier' and 'Veiler' player ftw!) and finding problems with sleeves and/or cards is an interesting work. You have to be very concentrated. But it is fun to do, you always learn stuff. You learn what you have to look for on the sleeves or cards.

During the day I had some time during breaks to see the different parts of the venue live in action. Crowds of people in the public area watching the feature matches and of course the giant cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. Also I saw friends from Switzerland playing.

The day was over at around 8pm which was pretty much 11 hours of work. After that we drove back to the hotel with the bus and got some McDonalds food as some sort of reinforcements for the following day. I stayed up late and played serveral duels with people before going to sleep at 12pm. I needed some sleep before the following day.

Waking up earlier then planned, eating breakfast, talking to people, looks like a normal working day, to be honest! And it is, there is nothing else to expect for being a judge. It is fun to do, but it also hard work standing the whole day, always waiting for people to ask you questions. I'm not complaining, not at all, I love to do it. I don't know, it is fascinating to know that you are the gear that makes this YCS work smoothly.

On Sunday I was on the deck check team until the tops and got then to work for other people. Some people really need to change their sleeves, some of them really looked like...crap. Anyway interesting day again, but the longer the day got, the more I was eager to get my reward for being a judge.

So, Stephan Sluis was the winner, the side events got to an end and the people went outside slowly,  we finally got our booster boxes. I asked for spanish ones. I really got big party with my pulls. 6 Secrets (2 'Autobus de Recorrido Turistico del Inframundo' & 1 'Chica Gagaga'), 1 Ghost Rare, serveral good Ultimates and Super Rares (2 Hanzos, 4 Rats, 3 Hornets & 2 Sharks) and much other stuff made my day an even happier day.

Monday. Traveling to the airport with a taxi. Taking the flight to Munich and then back to Zurich. Back home. Goddammit I loved that YCS.

Anyway, this will be a full year of judging. I will judge at our nationals, hopefully at the european championship and very very maybe at worlds. And of course YCS as much as possible. Except for Toulouse.

Oh hey, our 50th post! All hail Bunilla!


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