Saturday, December 31, 2011

[New Years Special] Awesome New Beautiful Year of Hopes and Disaster

(Found 'Happy New Year' way waaaaay to boring. Had to create something...different =3)

Dear readers, we from TrollDecking and the Team of Sheep Brigade DX wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed reading us in 2011. We're now trolling towards 2012.

We have a lot of stuff planned for 2012 and we hope you will read us again. We will troll just like before, but this time even more. You will get not only TrollDecking but trolling TrollDecking in America (well, ok, we're still in Switzerland, but I think you'll get it. But yeah, we never know, maybe TrollDecking will be posted from other parts of this world in the future). Btw, if the world ends in December 2012, we at least lasted 1 year and some months. Not bad for a troll Yu-Gi-Oh! blog. =3

Ok then, see ya next time when we have some new deck profiles for ya. (Need some sleep for now.)




  1. Just felt like commenting:
    First of all, happy new years also from my side to all our supporters.

    Second, just felt like giving a little summary of how I experienced the first 20 minutes of 2012 after work:
    -1. Tied my Shoe Laces cause one of them was open
    -2. Got some glasses and a champagne
    -3. Drank half of the glass with my co.-workers
    -4. Spilled one glass...
    -5. Went to prepare a towel while the water was cooking hot...
    -6. Bought Pizza
    -7. Opened Pizza-Box spilled the next glass
    -8. Lifted that glass and spilled another one...

    A great start towards a new year yay~

  2. I wish you also a happy new year and I also hope that the world wouldn't be destroyed on December (if the world will be destroyed, I'll duel on my school place and yell "kattobingu daze, ore!!!") xD
    Hoping that this year will also be awesome :D
    by Lloyd