Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Deck Profile] Wind-Up ZERO

Okay, since MasterSephiroth is busy this weekend as a hired Judge for Brighton I am going to present yet, another 'Original' Deck, composed by me, and tested also by me and another teammate, though with slight differences. We're talking about Wind-Up here man! Now, while most of the players out there are only thinking about the Zenmaighty OTKs and Hand Destruction Combos right now I've decided to present you its predecessor, which in the other hand specializes in Field Control. The main focus of it is set on getting out Rank 5 as fast as possiible and it also has the possibility of casting a Black Luster Soldier at a very early stage of the game ( yeah right, I said casting lol...). So for starters, here's the Decklist:

Monster (15):
3x Wind-Up Rabbit
3x Wind-Up Dog
2x Wind-Up Mage
3x Wind-Up Warrior
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning

Spell (16):
3x Wind-Up Factory
1x Mind Control 
1x Monster Reborn
3x Pot of Duality
3x Instant Fusion
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Book of Moon

Trap (9):
2x Call of the Haunted
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
2x Solemn Warning
1x Solemn Judgment

Extra Deck (15):
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1x Ojama Knight
1x Reaper on the Nightmare
1x Fusionist
1x No. 17 Leviathan Dragon
1x Leviair the Sea Dragon
1x Wind-Up Zenmaines
2x No. 39 Aspire Hope (hate that English Name fufufufufufu)
1x Inverz Roach (hate that English Archtype Name =D)
2x Adreus Keeper of Armageddon
3x "Tear Ass", Tiras Keeper of Genesis (such a Bad Guy =D)

First let's talk about the Naming of this Deck. Since our Blog here already came across cases of us showing different variations over the kind of exactly same Decks thus with small variations or Strategy Approaches I've decided for myself to name my own Decks with some kind of Codes behind the Main Names of the Decks. For instance for this Wind-Up Deck I've decided to call it Version Wind-Up ZERO for pointing out that it's kind of the Origin Version of our Wind-Up Decks and that for, that it there will be other versions out sooner or later (to be exact, this one would actually have the full name Wind-Up ZERO v.05-CH). 
Most of the time however, you will come across Names with the Codes ATK, STL, SPD/AGI and TK. These are then Decks with always the same Base Structure but often features different focuses during the Game as for being more aggressive, tend to stall for time, focused on rushing or having their main goal in a one turn kill.

With that being said let's head over to the Statistics and Tactics of this week's Deck:

As we can see my personal Scoring for this Deck is rather High (yeah, at some points it can even par with T.G. Agent), either it be my personal preferences or just being wrong about the whole thing, this is what I've decided to give. Looking at this Decklist might cause several confusing moments in some people's mind.

First off, this Deck manages to dive under Bottomless Trap Holes. The question of why Running Warriors, Dogs but no Soldiers is exactly due the reason, that all my Wind-Up Monsters in this Deck manages to survive Bottomless Trap Hole, which is an essential step towards victory. By saying that, people might wonder why I run Cyber Dragons instead of Vice Dragons since they as well, can survive Bottomless. There are major 2 reasons for that: sometimes this Deck do lack the ability of cleaning the field of Beatsticks, since Cyber Dragon has 2100 Atk, he can at least get rid of all the level 4 Beatsticks currently played and even manages to survive it, if there are no support cards available to provide a interference at least. Second reason would be by playing against Machine Decks, yeah, classic issue we're talking about here, which justifies the Chimeratech Fortress Dragon in the Extra Deck. 

By running Reaper on the Nightmare and Ojama Knight I have not only a Dark and a Light Monster as Overlay Material of the "Michael Jackson Counterparts" in my Extra Deck (yeah I apologize for making that kind of a reference) but also having 2 monsters which can dive under a Bottomless Trap Hole and being material for Black Luster Soldier as well! Note that Tiras can also survive Bottomless Trap Hole, making Tiras & Reaper on the Nightmare being almost a guaranteed duo to summon Black Luster Soldier (though there are exceptions such as Dimensional Prisons).

Overall this Build seems to be able to even stay alive after the release of Order of Chaos by doing nothing more than replacing the copies of Call of the Haunted with Wind Up Rats and by adding a Chaos No. 39 Aspire Hope Ray by tagging out with a normal No. 39 Aspire Hope for an additional option of filling the grave faster with Dark and Light materials and a possible late game victory.

Note that this version is not meant to be used for that so called "Wind-Up OTK". That Deck is a whole different story and I shall talk more about it some other time (which in fact, I have already prepared some prototypes, but I will not show them before I've got my hands on the ORCS cards first).

So, most people might already know about it, but most likely many still do not know how Wind-Up Decks work since they have never played against it before.
Different from other XYZ-Archtypes which have been released so far, Wind-Up Decks manage to gain almost perfect Hand Control over their own hands and that for having the perfect Monster Set Up over all during the game. While pure Evol Decks fail at certain points of dealing any Combat Damage (since they most of the time only have 1 Monster on the field), Wind-Up can easily bring out a full field within 2-3 turns.
The main cards responsible for the massive speed and control in the Wind-Up line up (yeah, awesome formulation right?) are Wind-Up Factory, Wind-Up Mage, Wind-Up Rabbit, Wind-Up Rat and Wind-Up Zenmaighty.
Since Wind-Up Monsters always have their powers restricted by their own effect of "This effect can only be used once while this card is face up on the Field", they've not been very interesting for players during the time between GENF and PTSW. But in the TCG-World, things changed rapidly after a certain card being announced. Wind-Up Rabbit is the name of the (super-mega-ultra-innocent-fluffy-white-pure-cute-looking) villain which made people like me came up with the filthy idea of abusing those innocent looking play dolls. Wind-Up Rabbit is some sorts of a Strike Ninja which however requires no condition to activate its effect. The card itself suggests that its effect can be used for any other Wind-Up Monsters on the Field as well, but honestly, who the hell cares if you know that by using it on itself can reset its own effects?!
So in other words: Wind-Up Rabbit can not be killed once it's been summoned successfully, is a level 3, has decent Atk Powers and can use it's effect during your opponent's turn.
By knowing of cards in existence such as Wind-Up Factory, Wind-Up Mage and Wind-Up Rat tell me, how can you not thinking of abusing it?
To point it out: it means that you can search your deck up once a turn (including your opponent's) for a Wind-Up Monster and take it into your hand and special summoning one at the very same time if you happen to have a Wind-Up Mage on the Field as well!

So, in a nutshell... Wind-Up happened to become one of my currently favorite decks, is definitely Local Tournament Material, is damn fast, is super fun to play, has awesome artwork, are (still) pretty cheap and easy to get (with the exception of Zenmaines, he's almost impossible for the majority) and really gives you the hope over XYZ focused Decks (yeah, Sepiroth and me also plan on bringing out 2 OCG specials sometime soon which also are about XYZ, though no promises!) in our near future.

Phew, again talked a lot, but that's about it for our weekly Deck Review for this week, so, see you next time.

As for all those who participated at Brighton, I hope you all had a great time and see you guys soon (especially those who know me in person).

-Kamishima Kimika


  1. Hope this Deck doesn't get expensive too soon like Tour Guide! By the way, may I ask for a Naturia deck build? They're so underated and everytime i went against one they locked me down!

  2. We played Naturia back in 2010... it was a wonderful Control-Deck/Anti-Deck/Lock Down Deck...
    But... no matter how you look at it, it has no place in the current Meta... that's the reason why we at least for the time being have no intention of posting any Naturia Decks... maybe sometime after May when in case, people tend to play more Spell/Trap relying Decks again and if by chance, beatsticks get limited again... yeah, quite some conditions in order for us ever thinking of playing Naturia again...

    In the other hand, Wind-Up Rabbit might get a rise in price after the release of ORCS... depends on how people get motivated to play OTK combos... on how the rarity of the Wind-Up supports going to be... on how your local Meta-Game is going to be (though that's trivial matters)... depends on how rare these cards get... well, there are tons of arguments... but no matter what, there won't be a second tourguide price card... for THIS Wind-Up Deck at least...

  3. naturia, was a great time :D