Monday, November 28, 2011

[Random] Talking about YOU...

Our blog exists since 21st of August and now, we have already 10k views. This was only possible due to you people.

And this is why we have to thank you. You were the coolest people ever.

Just to give you some cool facts about yourself, here are the Top 10 countries from where we got the most views:

United States with 3450 views.
Switzerland with 2601 views.
Mexico with 460 views.
Canada with 453 views.
United Kingdom with 354 views.
Germany with 307 views.
Australia with 275 views.
Hong Kong with 183 views.
Indonesia with 124 views.
Thailand with 124 views.

Here you can see from where all the players around the world are coming (and there are waaaay more countries you would've believed from where you all are coming). But that's not all.

34% of you use Google Chrome and 34% of you use Firefox.
78% of you use Windows.

We really thank you for supporting us in our existance as a growing blog.
We will troll ever and always. And we hope you enjoy reading our blog.
We are already waiting to reach the magical step of 100k views.

So. *high-five* anyone for having 10k views?

I'm sure Kimika and Yo will edit my post and add some thanks and stuff.




  1. Its always horrible again to see how much u know about us xD
    but hey u asked and here you get it:
    nice work people...
    The Photoshop-Yugo

  2. congratulation!!!
    mached wiiter so, di siite isch eifach genial xD
    by Lloyd

  3. most senseless comment ever...

  4. ich böggs efach nid wer ds isch

  5. Lloyd aka Asdfghjkl1234567890

  6. ey das isch min comment de wird gfälligst nid klaut!!
    by photoshop-yugo

  7. ich has ned chlaut...

  8. Chinder Chinder, s'einzige wo zählt isch, dass Bunilla euse neue Herrscher isch und mer ihn müend priise.

    (Children children, the only thing that matters is that Bunilla is our Ruler and we have to hail him.)