Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Random] Team Tournament in Hong Kong

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I'm here live at the card shop and sorry to report our team lost in the first round, but something always interesting to learn from mistakes and loses!

First lets talk about the tournament.
The rules are one set of restriction cards for 3 decks. This means 1 monster reborn shared in a team, and the same team shares 3 typhoons and anything alike.

So our team construction was:
TG agent
Dimension Glad Beast
Dark World

So my first game was a mirror match. First game I went second the opponent. Carefully concealed his deck theme, but after looking at my teammates opponent, I'm sure it's dark world. I confirmed by using dragged down into the grave after setting all of my backrow of course.

I made an interesting move, I used dark world dealing....!!!
Drew one card each, and then both discarded.
My opponent discard Sillva, special summoned and tries to discard my hand.
Unfortunately, he failed, because I only have 1 card in my hand, Sillva's effect stated that it has to return 2 cards, or none.
I have expected this to happen, as I have seen my opponent's hand with "dragged".
Then the card I discarded was Ceruli, and he is special summoned onto the opponent's field.
Now his effect triggers, discarding my last card in my hand, which was Grapha.
With Grapha now discarded by my Ceruli's effect ON THE OPPONENT's FIELD.
I get to use both effects, destroying his Sillva, and picked a card in his hand randomly.
I picked Broww, he is special summoned onto my hand, and then I bounce that to get my Grapha back and end my turn by attacking his f/d monster.
It is either a Morphing Jar, which helps me, or it is just sangan.
So it was sangan, he searched, and I ended my turn.
Final touch to the combo, I deck dev my opponent, crushing his 2 browws in his hand, leaving him with useless spell cards.
Its pretty much GG for him.

Game 2, both sided. I noticed that his main deck has Skill Drain, that he would obviously side away. My side deck was bad, which we will see in a little while.
I don't have any methods to deal with mirror matches, because I was trying to deal with Karakuri decks and anything that I can't deal with by correct moves.
My ideal side decking theory here, is to turn the deck from control, to mid-range beatdown. So I didn't side in my Skill Drain, I sided in what I have, MSTs and Twisters, and to fulfill my aim I sided in Cheerful Coffin and add another Goldd, going for the beatdown.

Game 2, I lost pretty quickly after my opponent used a simple trick. Dark Deal.
I didn't notice it was that effective against Dark World! Dark World was the only deck that uses 6-9+ normal spell cards. I lost control there, and my opponent ignore any tricks, and just went for the win by normal summoning Snow and Beige.

Game 3, siding was simple, because both of us don't have much option left.
I chose to go second since there is only 5 minutes left before time is called, and since HK has weird rules, they have decide to end the game as soon as time is called, and just look at the life. My opponent realized this, so he tries to set up the field as strong as possible, putting a grapha and set his field spell on the field.
He was doing this in case I would play card destruction or anything that can discard his field, his winning condition.

I responded with 2 Dragged down discarding 2 Grapha dealing with the field, beating him down, and within 3 turns, his life is down to 300. He put up a good fight, using multiple copies of Upstart Goblin to find answers, making me lose advantage as I beat him as fast as possible. Up to one point, he has Grapha on the field with a face down, I don't have a level 4 Dark world in hand and my grapha is in the grave. Now at this point I have control of the game again. But I still need to summon a monster to win, or I lose. HERE I MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE.

I used Dark World Lightning targeting his f/d spell/trap. It was a Deck Eradicating Virus, and he was calling spell. I had a spell in my hand that could win me my game.
It was Cheerful Coffin. The two other cards are Grapha and Sillva.
If I would just use that Cheerful Coffin, I would have won. I would use Grapha to Destroy his monster, and then summon sillva and win.
Anyway I lost my game.

In these two games, I have realized a few things:
1. Upstart Goblin is Good! GODLY in Dark World Mirrors especially!
2. Deck Eradicating Virus is actually good in side deck!
3. When you are winning with Dark World, do the simple moves! ALWAYS!

The other two Decks in my team was a TG Agent, who was playing against a Lightlord, Won. My team mate calculated the sum, and the sudden rush of TG Agent is incredible. Rare, but it is able to rush and win at times.

The other deck is a Dimensional Gladiator Beast, it is unfortunate that the deck drew horribly today. A deck with just 13 monsters with 3 GB Training Ground, but ended up drawing into too many monsters. Unfortunate. But we also realized the logical mistake we make when building this deck. Wang Fu can't deal with Lightlords, or Dark Worlds, and only slightly effective against TG Agent.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I will update the decklist later.

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