Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Random] Tech Genus

MasterSephiroth and me decided that I am going to feature several T.G. Builds we used to play/test in the upcoming weeks. I think I will do it in the following order:

T.G. Drain
T.G. Agent
T.G. TenguScrap
T.G. JunkDoppel
and finally my own creation and personal favorite:
T.G. HERO or T.G.Beat



  1. lool, how about T.G. Dragunity, T.G. Dark World, and T.G. Gravekeeper's :3

  2. Sorry, but that is just a miss match of Archtypes in my eyes XD;;; as for GK lives from swarming and Royal Tribute and T.G. relies from being destroyed on the field to begin with and having itself already having at least 8 monster slots filled just seem to make the GK part itself forced to get smaller which makes it more inconsistent... and there is absolutely the same problem with Dragunity... Dragunity-Blackwing for instance proved that the Dragunity Archtype is very weak at fusing with other Archtypes... if it's not even sharing traps or spells such as Dragon Canyon and Icarus Attack it tends to get even worse... plus the T.G. part can't really use cards like Horn of the Phantom Beast or TG1-EM1 efficiently being forced to reduce your T.G. Part so that Dragunity to move smoothly. So... in conclusion I will not test those out XD... but if someone else feels different about it he's of course free to do.

  3. and to end kimikas comment:
    t.g. dark world makes no sence. U need the t.g. in your hand not in your grave, so why should u wanna do this? if you need tuner for DW, what about glow-up, plague or even a junk synchron...
    i though about fabled Dark World, but actually they just work better alone... you can try it with a skill drain lockdown, but thats kinda waste of space, since you clear your opponents field with your graphas and other stuff. I think T.g. are usefull in many decks, but not as a whole part. Use them in Mashdecks to special summon your whole hand. But even there u just use 2 of the t.g.'s and thats not enough to say: "i'm playing a t.g. Mash" ;) But like kimika said: feel free to do, and post if you found something that works.
    P.S: Mash decks are deck with just monsters... and yes a deck with magical merchant is no Mash... it uses spells ;)


    The Photoshop-Yugo

  4. Personally I think TG Dark World is work able. But it will no longer be the same strategy and it will be a completely new game play.

    Such as Dark World Chaos back in 2008. There was no BLSE, but there was 3 Chaos Sorceror. Dark World back in those days doesn't stay in the Grave, they summon too. In that case they should clog. But the idea is to gain extra advantage in a meta that is mostly just one for one. And there was Graceful Charity. So the play style became control with a slight burst of power. Rather then the all out beatdown that Dark World was famous for back then.

    For TG Dark World it is possible, but it has less power to strike in early game, and more becomes more important in mid game.
    First I would like you to realise, that Dark World in this format isn't a beatdown deck. It is not possible because of all the good traps around, and all the floaters around.

    And since Grapha's effect and the uses of Gate's effect is also a slow and controlling effect, the whole theme of Dark World has already changed from beatdown to control.
    Looking back at my deck I posted here.
    That deck has a major weakness, and that is the lack of floaters, a lack of means in early game.
    Now if we have played Magic or Wowtcg, any other games that has a cost system via resources. It is easy to think early game. In Yu-Gi-Oh, early game moves include filling in the grave, setting up early parts of combo via search, or stalling until the right cards came.

  5. Now, the Deck I built didn't have those, it requires skills to get into mid game. And that is where the weakness lies. Now the Japanese players have realized this, so they started to use Scarr as their floater. Which allows search and stall. But Scarr is practically useless in mid or late game.

    TG on the other hand, is useful in early, mid and late game. They can stall when needed. Striker provides syncro summon in Dark World deck that doesn't often has this option. Warwulf's effect won't be wasted, since the build would be changed form using sillva to using beige. Special summoning level 4 instead of level 5.

    If you look at it from a different perspective, TG Dark World does work, it just changes the method of playing. And it is the style of game play that players hesitate to change, but we should all realize that changing the style of game play is one of the most important thing in any games. It allows diversity and versatility. If the opponent is playing beatdown style and you are playing a beatdown style too. It depends on your hand and moves by both players. At a certain point you will have to decide, do you continue to be the beatdown player? or are you going to play a more control style now?
    If you think you can kill him faster then he can kill you, choose to play beatdown, if you can't, well you have to control him until he loses advantage and strike him then.

    About TG Dragunity. No, that really does suck. Dragunity itself is a semi-rush deck, it needs to be quick, it eliminates threats early, it is fast. TG is slow. They don't match because of the game tempo/momentum. Nothing else. If the momentum of a certain deck type can't be as versatile as TG, it is not worth adding TG.

    Gravekeeper TG on the other hand, works! The tempo and momentum works! But let me ask a extremely important and valid question.
    There is no win condition!
    GK is a deck that eliminates opponent's win condition. Vecrovalley make graveyard out of bounds, and Royal Tribute removes hope in opponent's hand. The monsters? The good ones are all floaters, and the slightly better one is Assailant, which kills monsters by changing position, or Descendant, who removes threats on the field. Now...TG has no pressure... none.
    Now how can you win? It is just a control deck, but you you really want to play control, you might as well use Infernity Reloader deck.

    Decks in this format needs both control, and big ass boss monsters. Dark World has them, Agent has them. That's why they win. Qui-Junk-Doppel decks are ok, because they can syncro a lot.
    Lightsworns are also playable because they have Jack Daniels.

    So lets sum up my long ass comment.

    1. TG needs a deck that can have similar tempo/momentum
    2. Learn your early, mid and late game conditions.
    3. Decks needs a win condition.