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[Random] Hong Kong format sucks!

Hello ladies and duelists.
yo-chaosangel here.

As I have said before, I am from Hong Kong, and I studied in England before, so that made me who I am. I play both OCG and TCG.

Now lets talk about the formats briefly.
Simply put the world of Yu-Gi-Oh is split into 5 main catagories......

Far East OCG
Japan and Korean
Where Japan can only use all OCG cards, of course.
Where Korean can only use Korean cards, kinda still okay...

American TCG
Of course, American. TCG only.

That sounds good right? They get what their country have. Totally reasonable.
Here comes the problems...

European TCG
Similar to American TCG, just without some JUMP and Manga (or any other Shueisha related promo) which hasn't been reprinted yet. Not too bad, but bad enough.

None Chinese/Japanese/Korean Asia area
(Philippine, Malaysia, etc.)
Where they can use all OCG cards as well as all TCG cards.
WTF? What sense does that make? Now that kinda pisses people in Europe off.

East Asia OCG
This includes only Hong Kong and maybe Taiwan......I think.
Where they can only use OCG cards that had licensed.
Meaning cards from packs and structure decks in OCG
Similar to Europe, however.......
No Duel Terminal, Jump Promo, No Graphic Novel Promo
No Video Game Promo, not a single one of them!!!
Not some, not little, NONE!
We have even smaller card pool than Europe.
And most of the stuff never got reprinted!!

So as a result. Hong Kong suffers from a crappy card pool with a lot of fucked up unbalanced decks and game play, and!! Hong Kong doesn't play Swiss.
It is a series of shop tournaments, usually 32 people only that plays knock out.
The winner goes to Hong Kong region National, with only 128 spaces.
which 100 of them are from card shops, some of which from Macau.
Again Knock out from the very first match.

See how harsh this environment is?

So as a result, let me share with you guys what I think about this format in HK:

T.G. Agent
If this deck is in the west, it isn't over powered, it isn't completely balanced, but it is generally, a good deck. There isn't much to say about this deck when the environment is as shit as this. It has proven to be one of the strongest deck in HK now because it is just versatile and stable enough. The real weakness it has is against Anti-Meta, which we don't have in HK because Des Calibur Knight and Raioh is banned! And no Fossil Dyna either. So simply put, the deck's major threat is gone, this deck becomes tier 1 in HK.

Gladiator Beasts:
is having a slight come back, but it is no more then tier 2, as it lacks real destructive means, it is a slower paced deck that doesn't really stall enough.

X/XX-Saber :
New Golden Pack is out, with the release of Dark Soul, it has become playable again, but only tier 1.5 at max. With Dark World being another popular tier 1.5 here, discarding isn't a great choice. And Dark Soul's effect can only be triggered once per copy in the same turn. So reviving it means nothing. So ruling difference again makes a big difference.

Dark World:
Generally it is tier 1.5, no one in HK uses Scarr, which I have tested to be an important floater needed in early game. So the build HK players use are even more unstable. Having said that, it is still a popular deck, it has power, but it is going to have 2 major problems. You lose too much advantage to try to keep up with T.G. related decks. No way to deal with TG1-EM1, you are screwed against T.G. . Agent Angel just rids the field too quickly to do much with it. Deck Dev-ing the them doesn't do much. So if you face T.G. Agent, you are totally screwed. And T.G. Agent is the deck to play here. And no DT cards, no Fabled, meaning you can't get to use BLS unless to make it extremely wierd. (which I will show sometime later)

Gaining hand advantage isn't good enough. With 3 MST in this meta, Necrovalley will be destroyed as soon as posible. Against TG they can use Wonder Girl to deal with it.
It locks down Agents and some other decks, but well, not much else. Royal Tribute is good, but you are soooooooo fucked when you face Dark World.

GK with T.G.:
Better, but, how do you win? Advantage is good, but win condition is vague. Not enough power, pure control, but that isn't good enough in a meta where Hyperion and Grapha just appears out of nowhere.

I have seen people side in System Down to deal with it...but is it really that strong? The deck is fast, but once it is out, unless you turn kill the opponent, there is no way to back up if the syncros are destroyed. Everything is aiming for that climax, if you fail that, you lose.

In Hong Kong everything seems to go back to medieval period, people are siding in 3 Soul Release to deal with Lightsworn, making it difficult to get Judgment Dragon out in game 2. Not to mention it is not stable enough to play Lightsworn in the first place. It is again another deck that aims at one climax and win, or else die.

Fudo Plant (Plant-Yusei)
One of the better decks around, but everything relies on syncro. NecroValley kills 30% of the deck, Deck Dev also kill another 30. It is a playable deck in tournament. But WE DON'T FUCKING HAVE T.G. LIBRARIAN! WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO WHEN WE DON'T FLIPPING HAVE T.G. LIBRARIAN!!! Not to mention we don't have quite a lot of other good syncro monsters too.

Unfortunately...Stratos never got reprinted, again HK never get any reprints, they only get reprints from starters or maybe boosters like Gold series, but still...very, extremely limited. So no, no Stratos, it sucks.

The other decks I have not put here, simply do not exists, or they are just tier 3.14159265......etc. The DAS deck that Master has put up on this blog might be one of the decks that can counter the format, but as Kimika had pointed out, in this format, DAS VS tier 1 T.G. Agent is a matter of diceroll/rock-paper-scissors.

So there are more to test, but this is it for today about me talking about the HK meta at the moment.

Please share your ideas and thoughts here. Maybe we can make a deck that can deal with this meta.

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