Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Random] Deck Stats

I was wondering whether it would be helpful if we integrate some sort of a scoring system for our Weekly Deck Reviews. So I came up with this solution:I will give the Decks six difference scores from 1 - 6 which represents the following six attributes:

OFFENCE: The overall offensive power of a Deck. In other words, Attack Power and the average amount of Damage they can inflict in one turn.

DEFENCE: The overall defensive power of a Deck. Basically concluded by checking the Monster Stats and/or Effects which have defensive elements.

SPEED: The potential of winning the Game in a short time. So FTK Decks would get the Score 6 and a Stall Deck most likely 1....

CONTROL: Checking on the Counter-measurements a Deck has or performs.

STALL: The potential of stretching the game duration.

SWARM: The potential of filling the Field in a short amount of time.

Now overall I think this system can pretty well give players a visual opinion/feedback over our Decks, at least how we ourselves see them. Of course, non of them will be absolute and everybody should just make a picture of them by testing them. I will discuss with the other Bloggers later and we will decide whether only I will be doing this or if everybody will.

EDIT 2011/10/23: I've already added the statistics to all my old Deck Profile pictures. In the future I will also write out the scores given to the Decks and also describe their strength and weaknesses by including the Scoring Results.



  1. thanks kimika
    it showes what a deck can do and for those people who know how they draw( like me, otk's are standart, but i cant play anti) its very usefull!! and for all those who didn't notice how they draw:
    Analyse that! its very importent for your own deck. For example Agent, you can special summon many high ranked monster and kill your opponent with them. I draw many monsters so i will play like this. But i think Kimika for example draws more stall or anti cards. So he likes playing herald agent for example.
    The Photoshop-Yugo

  2. thanks for this awesome article
    lg a random guy called Lloyd

  3. thank you for editing all the deckpictures, its rly cool and like i said you before, this is a genious idea :D
    If u're gonna make your own deck, think about that and rate your decks. You see rly fast whats the problem, why it doesnt work and how u fix it. Thank you Kimika

    The Photoshop-Yugo