Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Random] About Troll... erm Side Decking...

...and so you all understand why we aren't making any Side Deck suggestions.

Disclaimer: The Side Decks Kamishima Kimika posts in his pictures aren't 'real' Side Decks, those are just stuff he thought about could be included in that deck aswell, so don't take them to serious.

Another Disclaimer: Hail Bunnila.

Why aren't we presenting any (real) Side Deck suggestions?

Well the Meta in every region is different. Just some decks that are played more in that region then in others:

Central Europe: Gladiator Beasts
America: Tengu Plants
Japan: Immortal Blackwings
Other Asian Countries: Agents

So this is the whole problem. If I say prepare yourself for Tengu Plants and you will meet up with DWs a lot then you're just screwed. If I say 'Wow, Agents is best deck evar, you have to side against it' and you run into Gladiator Beasts, again then you're just screwed to fuck.

This is why we decided to not include (again 'real') Side Deck suggestions.

(Then again, even though I know some brains must hurt a lot of all this thinking, trying to fit your deck to your locals shouldn't be that difficult. Or shall I tell you how to breath?)


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