Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Random] Gagaga Girl GO!

Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Gagaga Magician

Gagaga Girl

Seriously it was just way too obvious that this was going to happen. With all those support card Gagaga Magician got during the episodes ever since the Dojo Episodes it was clear that Yuma would be neither the next Yusei nor the Judai but the next Yugi Muto (NOT ATEM! GOD NO) Character.

So, of course a Gagaga version of Dark Magician Girl had to make her appearance... and well, there you have it, she's practically the Bitch counterpart of cutie DMG... (which I personally like since that way she seems to be trolling around a lot herself)... so yeah, there's a little update to our banner now that I have drawn her right after I have seen her WHOLE body (I know I could have done it in August already but her legs were still not known so I just decided to wait)...

You might just as well grab it on my Pixiv Account....

Right... we also have a Twitter Account.... I have no idea if we've said that already. But yeah, now YOU know.


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