Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Deck Profile] Tour Guide Sworn Update

Dear readers,

After a while I found some wireless internet, so now I'm going to give you an update plus a new Deck Profile.

This is the update for Tour Guide Sworn. I will explain some changes in the 'Read more' section.

Well, well... A lot happened in the time since I posted the Tour Guide Sworn Deck.

The Xyz-Ruling finally changed to
the OCG one. This makes a big difference on how we will play the deck in the future. But before you hate yourself for paying at least 150$ for each of your Tour Guides and burn them to hell, I have to tell you: Tour Guide is still played, the only thing is, that it went down to 2 with 1 Sangan.

The plays changed from 'Mega-Uber' to 'Super-Duper'. It isn't 'Summon Tour Guide, Sangan, Gold Sarc, Leviair, Lumina, Veiler, Lyla, destroy 1 trap, mill 6, go' anymore. It's just 'Summon Tour Guide, Tour Guide, Leviathan, ditch Guide to grave, go'. Tour Guide is now the main source for getting free Darks into your grave while having free 2500 Beatstick on your field.

Then you would ask 'Y in the love of Fuck would anyone remove Beckoning and Gold Sarcs for this lousy Pot of Dualities?'.

The main answer is: Consistency.
The other main answer is: It is better getting JD/BLS/DAD/Anything to hand before they get milled, then after. (Or in two turns.)

If you mill a Wulf in the turn you played Duality, then it's just bad luck. It's no -1 nor is it bad for you. It could be even better, because you may have the chance to summon JD next turn, because of this.

Celestia is replaced by Jain, because I didn't want to have any -1 in my deck. The only 'real' -1 in my deck is the effect of Plague. But a card aiming for victory is worth the cost. And then again, Celestia was dead way too often.

The last changes made where -2 Bottomless +2 Solemn Warning and -1 Tour Guide (obviously) +1 Trap Dustshoot.

So these were the changes. I hope you still love this deck.



  1. What should i play if i have no Tourguides?

  2. mhh good question, but wait...
    Why you wanna play TOUR GUIDE sworn withOUT tour guide? i mean kinda sounds like this:
    hey giovanni, i would like to have a pizza e funghi(mashrooms), but pls without mashrooms Oo
    the friendly player from the neighbourhood

  3. but not every body can buy this shit expensive tourguides and at tournaments you can't play with proxys.

  4. but you're right that's the same thing but probably i like the rest of the pizza and exept of the mashrooms there is some more eateble stuff

    (and i relly dislike mashrooms)

  5. yes but when u like pizza, then buy a margharita and not a e funghi ;) get it?

    the friendly player from the neighbourhood

  6. yes you're right.
    i don't need anymore an answer because i became it at locals from master sephiroth