Friday, September 16, 2011

[Deck Profile] Fusion Beat

GET YOUR GAME ON! It's time for some JAY!

Continuing from my last Yu-Gi-Oh!-Protagonist Decks this time I've decided to featureJudai Yuki, our famous Kuriboh-Head of an annoying E-HERO Duelist.

Now, while most E-HERO Decks have been played in the last few Years had either been eitherZero Beat or HERO Beat, Fusion focused E Hero Decks such as Big City or Merchant Heroes have been barely seen on Tournaments.

So MasterSephiroth and me have actually been playing Fusion focused HERO decks for sometime already and since Legendary Collection 2 is on its way we can actually soon play it in TCG as well. That's also partly the reason why we've decided to feature this Deck for this week. It also appears that this Deck proved to be quite competitive in this actual Format.

So, here it is:

Monster (16):
2x Elemental HERO Heat
3x Elemental HERO Alius Neos
3x Elemental HERO Ocean
3x Elemental HERO Prisma
1x Elemental HERO Stratos
1x Honest
3x King of the Swamp

Spell (22):
3x E - Emergency Call
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Future Fusion
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Polymerization
3x Super Polymerization
3x Mask Change
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
3x Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap (2):
2x Solemn Warning

Extra Deck:
2x Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
2x Elemental HERO The Shining
1x Elemental HERO Gaia
1x Elemental HERO Great Tornado
2x Elemental HERO Nova Master
1x Elemental HERO Terra Firma
1x Masked HERO Goka
2x Masked HERO Vapor
1x Vision HEROAdoration
1x Vision HERO Trinity

So, as we can see, I haven't put Elemental HERO Escuridão in the Extra Deck, simply because it isn't available yet and won't be until next year. Even so, matches against several popular Decks such as Six Samurai, Gladiator Beast, Lightsworn, Twilight, Chaos, Agents showed that this deck has no problem at all keeping up with the Meta.

Some noticeable Cards which are responsible that for, are Super Polymerization and Mask Change. One of the most feared Combo we found being really useful is calling an Absolute Zero and Mask Change it into a Masked HERO Vapor being able to deal up to 4900 Direct Damage with only this combo alone or cleaning the Field and go for 2400 Direct Damage.

But since this Deck IS weak against Anti or Burner Decks it would be a smart idea to have 3 Royal Decrees in the Side Deck.

So with that all said I think it's about time to end this entry; Gaccha! Tanoshii dyueru dattaze!!!



  1. Thanks, Kimika!
    Sehmer eus hoffentlich wider nächscht mal :D

  2. i think this is a very special deck. Typical for Kimika xD but i'm looking to play vs this deck! i never played and i won't do it ever xD but i looks very interesting :)
    Ps: And like every time Kimika shows a picture from DN, the best card is left :D
    the friendly player from the neighbourhood :P

  3. Das deck esch toll has uf Duellingnetwork gspellt XD
    gruess one random guy called denis XD

  4. heey, it's me again, Lloyd =D
    I have a question: can I put 1 "Fifth Hope" (the Pot of Avarice for the E-Heroes) instead of a third Super-Poly?

  5. It was never our job to prohibit people from changing our decklists... no, it's whether a question if we recommend it or not, and when we put decklists up here they are, usually tested and evaluated, you could call them 'best suited for his creator'... so, if you want to change the recipe anyways we won't stop you, but in this specific case, I don't see any reason behind it...