Monday, August 29, 2011

[Random] Talking about Tour Guide...

Well. We all know her. We all know Tour Guide. We all have seen here price tag.

A week ago she was 'only' worth around 160 - 180$.

Now she is 'worth' 210$.

Calling 300$ until end of this week and with starting of the new Banlist.

How about you? Do you already have her? No? Sad for you, son.

We got 2 from packs and 4 for each around 15 - 20$. So. I made profit, just by 'having' them.
Do I care? No. (Hell YES!!)

So people. Either let her be worth more than 300$ or get your minds cleaned up by not buying any single copy and let the price drop to around 100$.

~~ MasterSephiroth

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