Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Random] Banning List Fall 2011

Now starting from 1st September the long discussed Banning List is finally taken its effect. Now we all know what that means, we will change from a Dice Roll Format to a Turn Kill Format, once again. So, that means that Control Decks will most likely be blown away by its Arch Enemy Heavy Storm and, of course by the increase of Mystical Space Typhoon, not to mention, that they lack of one of their most important card Royal Oppression now. Of course we must not forget Judgment Dragon, who went back to 3 after some time out. So as a conclusion, most players will naturally consider taking a break from the yet known ‘5 cards back row’- play style.

As already mentioned, since Judgment Dragon is back to 3, it will be much likely, that we will see a lot of Sworn-Based Decks showing up in this current Format. Also, since they will have access to Heavy Storm and up to 3 Mystical Space Typhoon, cards like Solemn Warning most likely won’t be enough to stop them. Though, as a possible way to do something against Sworn Decks, Konami decided on not restricting Effect Veiler as well as stocking up Tragoedia up to 2.

Of course the new High Budget Card ‘Tour Guide from the Underworld’ has also shown big potential in combination with Sangan, either by calling a No.17 Leviathan Dragon and detaching Sangan for searching a Monster in the early game, or summoning a Leviair Dragon in combination with a Gold Sarcophagus. However, without the final confirmation by Konami, which Ruling we will follow in the future, it’s up to the players to decide, whether Sangan’s effect is going to Trigger or not when detached. 

So, because this Banning List seems to remind us all of the good old Chaos Era (if you also have been playing this card game for that long like us) back in 2003, and the numbers of Back Row Destroyers seems just as high (3x Mystical Space Typhoon & Heavy Storm) as back then (Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Harpie’s Feather Duster and Giant Trunade), the numbers of Trap Cards in a Main Deck will highly decrease. People will only consider playing Offensive Traps such as Bottomless Trap Hole or Call of the Haunted. As a conclusion to the reduced number of Trap Cards run in a Deck as well as the usage of Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and Chaos Sorcerer, the number of Monster Cards in a ‘Normal Deck’ will increase back to 20 up to 30. Since the Number of Monsters in a Deck increases people might also consider Trap Dustshoot as an option since in a Format like this Trap Dustshoot can very well cripple the whole Game Play by sending back specific cards. 

Still, what’s going to happen to people who love playing Control Decks? Are they forced to drop the game for half a year until they can step back in action? Of course we can still consider playing Anti Chaos Monsters such as Doomcaliber Knight, Thunder King Rai-Oh, D.D. Warrior Lady and Effect Veiler while running Chaos Monsters ourselves. Though, sadly this will be wasting our Normal Summons as well as slowing down our game play. 

In the next two Blog Entries MasterSephiroth and me are going to feature our first two Decks we’ll be playing in this new Format.


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